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Doug went back to rehearsal for a second time on Wednesday. The play opens tomorrow. 
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I ran these shots through Photoshop for some quick color correction before posting them on my website. There is something about the yellow tint on the wall on the left and the yellow in the actor's plaid skirt that are throwing off my computer. So, I had to go back and manually correct the color in the second shot.
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2004-09-29-064.jpg (54883 bytes) 2004-09-29-064b.jpg (50231 bytes)

This is getting annoying. May have to stop using "auto-levels" and just use "auto-color" and "auto-contrast" instead. This is a definite bug in the software.
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2004-09-29-065b.jpg (68967 bytes)

2004-09-29-069.jpg (80532 bytes) 2004-09-29-069b.jpg (79413 bytes)

No doubt about it. The star of the show.
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