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These shots should be nicer than yesterday's as I shot them in "raw" mode and then converted them to jpegs on my computer. Yesterday I had my camera convert the shots to jpeg while inside the camera. This should be much better.
2004-04-05-162.jpg (124713 bytes) 2004-04-05-163.jpg (109232 bytes) 2004-04-05-167.jpg (95630 bytes)
(By the way, this is a lot more work.)

2004-04-05-172.jpg (130751 bytes) 2004-04-05-174.jpg (131645 bytes) 2004-04-05-176.jpg (118566 bytes)

2004-04-05-178.jpg (140217 bytes) 2004-04-05-179.jpg (126316 bytes) 2004-04-05-182.jpg (162713 bytes)

2004-04-05-184.jpg (113807 bytes) 2004-04-05-186.jpg (131363 bytes) 2004-04-05-194.jpg (131536 bytes)

2004-04-05-197.jpg (213006 bytes) 2004-04-05-200.jpg (150612 bytes)

Here is the first goal.
2004-04-05-203.jpg (129880 bytes) 2004-04-05-204.jpg (146900 bytes) 2004-04-05-207.jpg (121660 bytes)

2004-04-05-208.jpg (114744 bytes) 2004-04-05-209.jpg (156667 bytes) 2004-04-05-211.jpg (139148 bytes)

2004-04-05-216.jpg (102168 bytes) 2004-04-05-216.jpg (102168 bytes) 2004-04-05-217.jpg (109406 bytes)

2004-04-05-218.jpg (124479 bytes) 2004-04-05-220.jpg (118567 bytes) 2004-04-05-230.jpg (103767 bytes)

2004-04-05-233.jpg (180566 bytes) 2004-04-05-236.jpg (130048 bytes)
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