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Yo, Doug. Nice Shot.
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2004-05-22c-068.jpg (115360 bytes) 2004-05-22c-079.jpg (69605 bytes) 2004-05-22c-090.jpg (118352 bytes)

2004-05-22c-093.jpg (121905 bytes) 2004-05-22c-094.jpg (111149 bytes)

I may need to find the keeper's momma and send her these next few pics.
2004-05-22c-096.jpg (200993 bytes) 2004-05-22c-097.jpg (191313 bytes) 2004-05-22c-098.jpg (199394 bytes)

2004-05-22c-099.jpg (181088 bytes) 2004-05-22c-104.jpg (141542 bytes) 2004-05-22c-112.jpg (100791 bytes)

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