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Anatoliy wears head gear so that he can communicate with the press box.
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Anatoliy's manager is a soccer mom babe.
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(We'll just have to wait and see if that gets me any points.)

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2004-07-24-041.jpg (129328 bytes) 2004-07-24-042.jpg (93467 bytes) 2004-07-24-047.jpg (145646 bytes)

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Waco scored on this free kick.
2004-07-24-064.jpg (114862 bytes)

2004-07-24-065.jpg (150135 bytes) 2004-07-24-067.jpg (111412 bytes)

2004-07-24-073.jpg (99782 bytes) 2004-07-24-074.jpg (137650 bytes) 2004-07-24-076.jpg (182010 bytes)

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Here is the tie goal.
2004-07-24-093.jpg (125332 bytes)
2004-07-24-094.jpg (111156 bytes) 2004-07-24-095.jpg (161853 bytes)

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