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Only got photos of the first half as I was asked to move over to the other side of the field by the referee at half time. (I have a few guesses as to why I was asked to leave.)
2004-10-23-004.jpg (115085 bytes)
2004-10-23-006.jpg (93097 bytes) 2004-10-23-007.jpg (119941 bytes)

2004-10-23-011.jpg (122352 bytes) 2004-10-23-014.jpg (101744 bytes) 2004-10-23-015.jpg (71296 bytes)

2004-10-23-018.jpg (92060 bytes) 2004-10-23-020.jpg (105479 bytes) 2004-10-23-027.jpg (84571 bytes)

2004-10-23-031.jpg (135673 bytes) 2004-10-23-032.jpg (95035 bytes) 2004-10-23-035.jpg (115913 bytes)

2004-10-23-038.jpg (109519 bytes) 2004-10-23-039.jpg (144913 bytes) 2004-10-23-042.jpg (108831 bytes)

2004-10-23-043.jpg (166214 bytes) 2004-10-23-045.jpg (109390 bytes) 2004-10-23-046.jpg (123533 bytes)

2004-10-23-047.jpg (161016 bytes) 2004-10-23-048.jpg (134036 bytes) 2004-10-23-049.jpg (117328 bytes)

2004-10-23-051.jpg (170396 bytes) 2004-10-23-053.jpg (113577 bytes) 2004-10-23-060.jpg (64620 bytes)

2004-10-23-062.jpg (68508 bytes)  

This is my best keeper shot of the day.
2004-10-23-066.jpg (90157 bytes)  

2004-10-23-067.jpg (113504 bytes)

2004-10-23-071.jpg (134331 bytes) 2004-10-23-072.jpg (102734 bytes)

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