Texas Assault v. Summit Mizuno  Sunday Jan. 18, 2004     
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After taking about 1,500 shots of this team, it occurs to me that my photos are starting to all look alike.
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2004-01-18-273.JPG (85863 bytes) 2004-01-18-279.JPG (71556 bytes) 2004-01-18-282.JPG (85638 bytes)

Is Tori's elbow really as high as the top of the net???????
2004-01-18-286.JPG (75035 bytes) 2004-01-18-290.JPG (74085 bytes) 2004-01-18-298.JPG (93789 bytes)

2004-01-18-299.JPG (66112 bytes) 2004-01-18-306.JPG (91091 bytes) 2004-01-18-307.JPG (87331 bytes)

2004-01-18-313.JPG (77510 bytes) 2004-01-18-331.JPG (93012 bytes) 2004-01-18-334.JPG (77360 bytes)

2004-01-18-336.JPG (92349 bytes) 2004-01-18-353.JPG (87488 bytes) 2004-01-18-356.JPG (88526 bytes)

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