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2004-2005 Season 

Dallas Home Opener @ Summit

U-14 Elite   2004-12-19

U-14 Elite   2004-12-18

2003-2004 Season 

2004 Junior Olympic Invitational - Austin, TX

U-15 Molten  Finals  2004-06-27

U-13 Molten   Finals 2004-06-27

U-13 Molten   Semi-Finals 2004-06-27

U-13 Molten   2004-06-26

U-14 Molten   2004-06-26

U-13 Molten   2004-06-25

U-18 Molten   2004-06-25

U-13 Molten   2004-06-24

U-15 Molten   2004-06-24

U-18 Molten   2004-06-24

2004 Regionals
U-13 Molten   2004-05-02

Skyline Tourney
U-13 Molten   2004-03-20

U-13 Elite   2004-03-20

Houston Cross Court
U-13 Molten   2004-03-14

U-13 Molten   2004-03-13

Rowlett High School
U-13 Molten   2004-03-06

North Texas Challenge @ TAV
U-13 Molten   02-29-04

U-14 Molten   02-29-04

Assault Valentines Day Tournament
U-13 Molten   02-22-04

Long Day in Austin
U-13 Molten  All Games 01-31-04

U-13 Molten v. Skyline 01-18-04

U-13 Molten v. Summit Mizuno 01-18-04

U-13 Molten v. TAV 01-18-04

U-13 Molten v. Richland Jrs. 01-18-04

U-13 Molten v. Lady Aces 01-17-04

U-13 Molten v.T. Juniors DFW  01-17-04

U-13 Molten v. Spikers 01-17-04

Tournament @ TAV
U-13 Molten 01-04-04 @ ASC

U-13 Molten 01-03-04  @ ASC


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Pete Lacker's TCU Photos (1)


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(1) Pete is a professional photographer. His daughter played for Skyline and is now on the TCU VB Team.

2004-06-27-143.jpg (110635 bytes)
June 27, 2004. The U-13 Assaulters pose with their gold medals from the 2004 Junior Olympic Invitational Tournament.

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2004-03-06-074c.jpg (75560 bytes)

2004-02-22-0012.jpg (124193 bytes)

2004-01-31-195.jpg (80082 bytes)

2004-01-31-223.jpg (86949 bytes)

2004-01-18-143.JPG (79578 bytes)

2004-01-04-073 ps comp.jpg (81031 bytes)

2004-01-18-479.JPG (889544 bytes)
January 18, 2994. U-13 Molten with the runner-up trophy from the MLK tournament.
(Photographer Doug did not get to see a single play of either NFL conference championship game. No problem, the MLK was much more fun.)