Texas Assault Valentines Day Tournament  Sunday February 22, 2004 
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I spent the entire day attending a Nikon digital photography seminar. As a result, these shots should actually be my sharpest photos taken of the team. I went ahead and experimented with RAW files. (Actually, RAW files are NEF files in Nikon cameras.) Unfortunately, shooting nef files requires much, much more time on my part to convert them to web use.
2004-02-22-004.jpg (73707 bytes)

2004-02-22-008.jpg (64198 bytes) 2004-02-22-011.jpg (68232 bytes) 2004-02-22-0012.jpg (124193 bytes)

Now, here is the same file, one week later after I have learned to apply noise reduction. See if you notice a difference.
2004-02-22-0012 test.jpg (128639 bytes)

2004-02-22-019.jpg (76058 bytes) 2004-02-22-021.jpg (69580 bytes) 2004-02-22-023.jpg (71116 bytes)

2004-02-22-027.jpg (65707 bytes)

2004-02-22-029.jpg (106125 bytes) 2004-02-22-031.jpg (105798 bytes)

2004-02-22-036.jpg (53417 bytes) 2004-02-22-038.jpg (54360 bytes) 2004-02-22-045.jpg (60092 bytes)

2004-02-22-047.jpg (48645 bytes) 2004-02-22-048.jpg (53097 bytes) 2004-02-22-049.jpg (55372 bytes)

2004-02-22-051.jpg (58682 bytes) 2004-02-22-052.jpg (53829 bytes)

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