Texas Assault @ Rowlett High School Saturday March 06, 2004            Page 1
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These photos are again all starting to look alike.
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Carly has a look of fear in her expression.
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2004-03-06-015.jpg (111255 bytes) 2004-03-06-016.jpg (102978 bytes) 2004-03-06-020.jpg (190882 bytes)

I think I could send these next two to Sports Illustrated.
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2004-03-06-028.jpg (186948 bytes)

2004-03-06-040.jpg (107588 bytes) 2004-03-06-045.jpg (160308 bytes)

2004-03-06-048.jpg (103377 bytes) 2004-03-06-055.jpg (128290 bytes) 2004-03-06-060.jpg (141279 bytes)

2004-03-06-063.jpg (107206 bytes) 2004-03-06-074.jpg (127414 bytes)

2004-03-06-080.jpg (113867 bytes) 2004-03-06-081.jpg (110706 bytes)

2004-03-06-086.jpg (125217 bytes) 2004-03-06-087.jpg (104985 bytes)

2004-03-06-103.jpg (135239 bytes) 2004-03-06-106.jpg (137199 bytes)

Appears nobody wants to sit anywhere near Lesia's momma.
2004-03-06-108.jpg (125258 bytes)

Can't you just feel the excitement?
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