Texas Assault U-13 Molten @ Junior Olympic Invitational  Saturday June 26, 2004     Page 1
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Since the light was relatively bright at the Austin convention center, I tried a few shots without the use of an electronic flash. (But, I did not like the results as much as with the flash.)
2004-06-26-062.jpg (97869 bytes)
2004-06-26-064.jpg (95430 bytes) 2004-06-26-071.jpg (96440 bytes)

2004-06-26-076.jpg (91611 bytes) 2004-06-26-082.jpg (90752 bytes) 2004-06-26-083.jpg (92895 bytes)

2004-06-26-084.jpg (87709 bytes) 2004-06-26-090.jpg (102056 bytes) 2004-06-26-091.jpg (90173 bytes)

2004-06-26-092.jpg (96934 bytes) 2004-06-26-093.jpg (87258 bytes) 2004-06-26-095.jpg (118229 bytes)

I am guessing this is the start of the second game and my going back to the flash.
2004-06-26-104.jpg (74426 bytes)
  2004-06-26-106.jpg (84977 bytes) 2004-06-26-109.jpg (86945 bytes)

2004-06-26-112.jpg (68538 bytes) 2004-06-26-116.jpg (68618 bytes) 2004-06-26-124.jpg (84829 bytes)

2004-06-26-127.jpg (83577 bytes) 2004-06-26-130.jpg (70984 bytes) 2004-06-26-133.jpg (93302 bytes)

Paige's family is a bit camera shy.
2004-06-26-135.jpg (214052 bytes)
(This is interesting. Usually at this age it is the children who are embarrassed to be seen with their parents. However, it appears that Brian does not want to be photographed with his family.)

2004-06-26-136.jpg (222656 bytes)

2004-06-26-144.jpg (74690 bytes) 2004-06-26-146.jpg (82394 bytes) 2004-06-26-149.jpg (59637 bytes)

2004-06-26-151.jpg (88260 bytes) 2004-06-26-152.jpg (88144 bytes) 2004-06-26-157.jpg (86928 bytes)

2004-06-26-159.jpg (84286 bytes) 2004-06-26-161.jpg (69407 bytes) 2004-06-26-163.jpg (82382 bytes)

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