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Well, there's good news and bad news. Good news is I attended my first UT-D volleyball game today. Bad news is I showed up with the wrong lens. So, these shots are pretty poor. So, stay tuned until next time.
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2004-10-16-052.jpg (130433 bytes) 2004-10-16-053.jpg (108045 bytes)

2004-10-16-054.jpg (98297 bytes)
Update: 2010-10-16. Check out the improvements in photo software during the past 6 years. (Although my knowledge of using the software has also improved.) Another example of the benefit of shooting RAW files and then keeping the large RAW files.)

2004-10-16-057.jpg (118892 bytes)  2004-10-16-062.jpg (119573 bytes) 2004-10-16-071.jpg (125852 bytes) 

2004-10-16-072.jpg (127488 bytes) 2004-10-16-076.jpg (119335 bytes) 2004-10-16-077.jpg (114090 bytes)

2004-10-16-078.jpg (103356 bytes) 2004-10-16-081.jpg (106247 bytes) 2004-10-16-084.jpg (132587 bytes)

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