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For today's games photographer Doug experimented by not using his electronic flash. To compensate I had to increase the ISA to 1600 from 800 and reduce the shutter speed from 1/500 second to 1/200 second. This was needed to compensate for the loss of extra light from the flash. From the standpoint of a photo nut, these shots are garbage somewhat weak. (But, I guess still fun to look at if you should happen to be one of the subjects.)
2005-01-08-w-005.jpg (97165 bytes)
2005-01-08-w-009.jpg (107777 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-011.jpg (88945 bytes)

2005-01-08-w-018.jpg (100040 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-019.jpg (101543 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-024.jpg (70343 bytes)

2005-01-08-w-027.jpg (93695 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-031.jpg (92739 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-032.jpg (80254 bytes)

2005-01-08-w-034.jpg (85910 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-035.jpg (104709 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-036.jpg (68115 bytes)

2005-01-08-w-043.jpg (90191 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-044.jpg (88645 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-046.jpg (89257 bytes)

2005-01-08-w-047.jpg (84104 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-049.jpg (83692 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-050.jpg (91252 bytes)

2005-01-08-w-052.jpg (94799 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-055.jpg (82292 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-061.jpg (80671 bytes) 

2005-01-08-w-062.jpg (94460 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-063.jpg (95164 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-065.jpg (95081 bytes)

2005-01-08-w-069.jpg (82209 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-070.jpg (82340 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-071.jpg (101509 bytes)

2005-01-08-w-072.jpg (89756 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-078.jpg (97359 bytes) 2005-01-08-w-091.jpg (98607 bytes)

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