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Tired something new in the first half. I used a Nikon 50 mm lens without using a flash. Well, the light at UTD really is not bright enough, but what the heck.
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2005-01-22-120.jpg (94456 bytes) 2005-01-22-121.jpg (82433 bytes) 2005-01-22-123.jpg (94207 bytes)

2005-01-22-130.jpg (84102 bytes) 2005-01-22-131.jpg (73345 bytes) 2005-01-22-132.jpg (189168 bytes)

2005-01-22-134.jpg (199288 bytes) 2005-01-22-136.jpg (95438 bytes) 

I went back to my other equipment for the second half. (The flash is just a little too bright. Will have to turn it down some next time. Actually, the white material of the UTD uniforms is the culprit.)
2005-01-22-139.jpg (74890 bytes)

2005-01-22-140.jpg (76410 bytes) 2005-01-22-144.jpg (84272 bytes) 2005-01-22-150.jpg (80310 bytes)

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