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Well, back to using a 50mm lens without a flash, but with a few tricks added. Will add another new trick at the next game. (Sure glad there are several games for me to finally get it right.)
2005-01-24-024_filtered.jpg (101749 bytes) 2005-01-24-033_filtered.jpg (70111 bytes) 2005-01-24-034_filtered.jpg (62943 bytes)

2005-01-24-036_filtered.jpg (66289 bytes) 2005-01-24-041_filtered.jpg (65907 bytes) 2005-01-24-045_filtered.jpg (66121 bytes)

2005-01-24-049_filtered.jpg (63205 bytes) 2005-01-24-051_filtered.jpg (78391 bytes) 2005-01-24-053_filtered.jpg (69152 bytes)

Notice the white flash of light in the background. Have no idea what that is, but it makes photography perilous.
2005-01-24-058_filtered.jpg (65921 bytes)

2005-01-24-068_filtered.jpg (75765 bytes) 2005-01-24-073_filtered.jpg (82792 bytes) 2005-01-24-076_filtered.jpg (67040 bytes)

2005-01-24-081_filtered.jpg (51058 bytes) 2005-01-24-082_filtered.jpg (45855 bytes) 2005-01-24-083_filtered.jpg (53190 bytes)

2005-01-24-085_filtered.jpg (60640 bytes) 2005-01-24-086_filtered.jpg (55777 bytes) 2005-01-24-091_filtered.jpg (66425 bytes)

2005-01-24-093_filtered.jpg (65053 bytes) 2005-01-24-097_filtered.jpg (65221 bytes) 2005-01-24-110_filtered.jpg (65392 bytes)

2005-01-24-111_filtered.jpg (63545 bytes) 2005-01-24-118_filtered.jpg (65211 bytes) 2005-01-24-123_filtered.jpg (62345 bytes)

2005-01-24-148_filtered.jpg (65155 bytes) 2005-01-24-179_filtered.jpg (115294 bytes)

2005-01-24-180.jpg (63408 bytes) 2005-01-24-182.jpg (81600 bytes) 2005-01-24-183.jpg (75807 bytes)
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