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Here is the Texan goal.

Here is the foul that was somewhat controversial. #7 is my daughter. What I saw was her kicking the ball with such force that it completely knocked her opponent over, i.e. both players had their feet on the ball and my daughter won the tug of war. However, the red player had forward momentum which carried her forward. (So, that was my view of events. I thought the ref made the wrong call, but so be it.)

Stated differently, (from my view) the player tripped over the ball. Also, notice where my daughter's foot is. Her foot never touched the players legs. If she had tripped her, her right foot would be behind the player's feet: exactly where the ball is. The ball was the culprit. (I should be on "Law and Order.")

However, the combination of the call against my daughter, and the no call of a goal here had me wondering if bad officiating had become bias. (The center and the assistant were looking right at the play.) Or, maybe I am just wrong.

Sure looks like a goal to me.

Just might be my favorite photo of .........

Second Half

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