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First, a photo of our new addition "Duke.".
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About 20 of us showed up at the MCHS football game to get reacquainted.

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Kim White, Jaime King, Marci Climer, Kim Wood, Jennifer Arvo
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Nancy White, Jill Towner, Kim White, Jaime King
2006-09-29-060.jpg (120185 bytes)
Bud Kowalski, Jill Towner, Jaime King, Kim White, Joe Hadley

Hmmmmmm. Seeing Nancy White and Kim White in a photo together caused me to do some thinking ......  and then some digging. Check out these two photos from 1957.

Looks like somebody's birthday party. In the first photo Jack White, Paul Fejer, Jr., Cathy White, Lesia Fejer. (Back in those days mommas would dress their kids up. Check out my late brother's fancy suit. He always was a dapper dresser.)

Twins Jack and Cathy graduated from MCHS in 1968 with my brother Paul. My sister Lesia graduated in 1969. Look for Jack to be inducted into the MCHS Sports Hall of Fame someday. It is my recollection that he meets many of the criteria for election. I also seem to recall that he held the MCHS record in the mile for many years. I remember seeing photos of him holding very large trophies in my brother's 1968 yearbook.


Later, the activities moved to the Orleans Billiards hall in downtown MC.

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Judy Wilcox, Lori Nokken
2006-09-29-063.jpg (113616 bytes)
Kim Dubay, Marci Climer, Jaime King
2006-09-29-065.jpg (111596 bytes)
Mr. Judy Wilcox, Debbie Rhoel, Fred Roskopp (Debbie's husband)
2006-09-29-066.jpg (94377 bytes) 2006-09-29-068.jpg (89931 bytes)
Dalia Guzman
2006-09-29-070.jpg (118857 bytes)
2006-09-29-072.jpg (122240 bytes) 2006-09-29-075.jpg (131731 bytes) 2006-09-29-077.jpg (141074 bytes)
Lori Nokken, Dan Daniels, Kim White, ____ Zimmer
2006-09-29-078.jpg (128474 bytes) 2006-09-29-080.jpg (106185 bytes) 2006-09-29-083.jpg (98947 bytes)
Bud and Lori Kowalski
2006-09-29-084.jpg (102520 bytes)
Jennifer Arvo, Rick Ziehmer, Kim Wood.
2006-09-29-085.jpg (151196 bytes)
These folks attended Lincoln school. (I made my way around the Mt. Clemens schools: Macomb K-2, Lincoln 2-4, Wilson 4-6, Macomb 7, Seminole 8 then MCHS.)
2006-09-29-087.jpg (120240 bytes)
Earl Pickford and sister
2006-09-29-088.jpg (132239 bytes)
Fred and Debbie Rhoel Roskopp.

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