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I typically use two different lenses at basketball games: A 50mm and a 70-200mm zoom. I tried something new today and used a 35mm lens for both games. The wider lens kept me under the basket.

Well, getting the color right on these shots can be a challenge.

Here is the problem. (And it is a dusey. It is one that has bothered me for two years.) The light coming from my electronic flash is a completely different color than the fluorescent lights on the ceiling. In the in first shot the player has red skin but the color in the background looks ok. In the second shot the color of the player is correct, but the background is yellow. So, if I wanted to spend on hour correcting the color of each photo I would cut out the player in the second shot and insert her in the first shot. (Or, something like that.) I could also adjust the color of the light coming out of the flash to more closely resemble the light from the ceiling. After posting this problem to a photography web site, the answer coming back is that I need to get the temperature (color) of the light coming from my flash to replicate the color of the fluorescent lighting in the background. So, next time I will try green and yellow plastic diffusers on the top of my flash. Gosh, I can't wait till next year.

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