Helen and Phil Groh - 50th Anniversary Celebration - Zion United Church of Christ - August 18, 2007                Page 1
Photos by Hank Miller                                                                         

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I did not realize this, but Hank added the anniversary wishes to the photo.

Doug hopes to identify everybody in this photo. I will probably be embarrassed by how few I recognize, but I bet I will remember the names. Dolores Klochow Vernier, Rosie Smith, Donna Durre, Dolores Rocker, Marge Schwinke Russ, Virginia Klockow Sheats, Nyla Sprunger behind Gloria Campau, Marcia (Katie) King, Edith Bezotte.

Dr. Thomas "Tom" Hosey and Mary Hosey Past Presidents of the Mount Clemens Rotary Club

June Devantier Low (Helen's cousin)

Arlene Rood

Julianne Louise Groh Kampling and Christopher Frederick Groh.

Jack Hudson Rood.

Eleanor Kerner

Barbara and Gordon Messel

Jack Hudson (Classmate of Helen's)

ronald and Barbara Heckman

Donald Konig, Joy and Joy's daughter

Barbara and Joseph Basirico

June LeBar

Larry E. Powe

Allen Piotkowski and Robin Foley

Brian Dobmeier, Barbara Groh Dobmeier (Phil's sister) Chris Groh, Elaine Dobmeier.

Lesia Fodell, Daniel Klomp, Cynthia Klomp, Maria Fejer, Phil Groh, Helen Groh.

Lesia Fodell and Mrs. Maria Fejer. (My sister and momma.)

Elaine Dobmeier, Roxanne Dobmeier Siragusa, Helen Groh.

Elizabeth "Liz" ross Schwinke

Lori Harder Almasy

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