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Doug started the basketball day off by taking a team photo.

As I am always trying new things, I arrived with three electronic flashes to be triggered remotely, one on the camera that was the master unit, and two standing on monopods with legs. Unfortunately, the right flash was either under powered or did not fire at all. Back to the drawing board, I also should have had the left flash pointed straight ahead instead of off to an angle. Note the shadows behind some of the players' heads. Of course, if the right flash had fired it would have illuminated the shadows. (This really is fun stuff.)

At game time, I also tried something new with my white balance settings on the camera. The UTD gym has given me fits from day one. One of the benefits of these fancy professional level digital cameras is that you can shoot in RAW mode. This way the processing of the image into a photo can be done on a PC instead of having the camera do it. This allows you to change the white balance settings in Photoshop instead of being stuck forever with whatever the camera gives you. So, for the first time I simply set the white balance on the camera at 4300 degrees. (That measures the temperature of the light.). I am always trying to improve the appearance of the shots I take. (I just wish I was a faster learner.)

And, of course, the real beauty of shooting in RAW mode is that I can now go back to photos taken years ago and adjust them using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw.

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