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This was a nice change of pace.

Maybe, maybe not .........

Rats. Not very sharp.

This brings up three points. 1 & 2. I had two old age moments yesterday. First , I arrived at UTD without my camera. Had it packed right before I left the house and then left without taking it. Second. I thought I had it packed. When I grabbed a second battery from the battery charger I put it in the wrong camera bag. So, I was using the same battery for the men's game as the women's game. Even thought it worked, it worked slower than a fresh battery would have worked. So, note to self. From now on I bring a battery charger with me to the games to that I can reload at every half.

I guess the third point is a lesson I learned from my daughter's soccer coach. He told me once that he hates it when a player shows up for a game missing something, e.g. shoes, shin pads, etc. Because to him if a player is missing something that means that they were not thinking about the game the night before when they went to bed. He said that really great athletes always go to bed the night before dreaming of scoring the winning goal the next day. And, they pack their stuff the night before to make sure it is all ready.(This does not apply to me because, while taking photos is fun, it is not that big of a deal. Contrast that with scoring the winning basket.)

I bet the coach was thinking about UTD the night before. He was fired up. Brought his "A" game. (Don't let the score fool you. This was a tough game for 40 minutes.)

I am guessing this is a pretty universal dream for basketball players.

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