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Ok. We have two problems here. #1 you're shooting into the sun. (Get on the third base side after 12:00 noon.) #2 the monopod does not belong in your pocket. It is a great tool. (Oh lord, please forgive me.)

Ok. Ok. So you need a monopod ring for your lens.

Another photo lesson. Guessing this photo was taken around 4:00 pm CDT. Note that the sun is down somewhat but that there is still a shadow on the face from the visor. Much earlier and the player's entire face would be covered by the shadow. Hence, many times I do not even bother showing up for baseball or softball between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. The shadows caused by the caps ruin the photos.

"Which way do I go?"

I realize the hats are necessary to block the sun, but notice how much better the shots are without the hats? Isn't it better to look good than to play good?

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