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July 29, 2001 v Arizona Heatwave

July 15, 2001 v Oklahoma Outrage

July 08, 2001 v Mile High Mustangs

June 17, 2001 v Memphis Mercury

Dallas Morning News Article
June 24, 2001


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I can't believe I just scored a goal!

Texas Odyssey Roster

# Player Position College Home Town
0 Erin Rice GK    
1 Heather Bridgewater GK    
2 Courtney Linex F    
3 Toni Catchings D    
4 Stephanie Peel F    
5 Mary Howard D    
6 Vanessa Woodward D    
7 Janet Urban M    
8 Laura Snyder* M SMU Houston, TX
9 Mandy Pavlovits D    
10 Martha West M    
11 Janette Javet-Barton M    
12 Carrie Kveton D    
13 Claire Elliott D    
14 Sonia Ibanez D    
15 Teresa Vise M    
16 Jennifer MacMaster F    
17 Lacey Toups F    
18 Kristie Braunston M    
19 Stephanie Peel D    
21 Katherine Harrington D    
24 Amy Daniels M    
25 Shannon Labhart D    

*Laura provides private skills lessons for my 10-year old daughter Lesia. As a result, she is the kewelest of the Odyssey players.

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Photo Equipment
For any photo buffs out there, I use two different cameras (systems): My old stuff and my new stuff. The old stuff consists of two Nikon F3's and a Nikon 300mm f2.8 lens along with a TC-14.b 1.4x teleconverter. Adding the teleconverter to the lens gives me an effective focal length of 420mm. The Nikon F3 was introduced in 1980 and was one of the most popular cameras used by professional photographers probably up until the mid-90's. Production was discontinued by Nikon only during the past year or two. The camera and lens in the old system are both manual focus. I use two cameras so that I can quickly change cameras when I run out of film. It is amazing how many goals and other shots I miss while changing film.

The new stuff is a Nikon F5 with a Nikon 80-400mm zoom lens.  The F5 is Nikon's current top of the line professional camera. It was introduced in approximately 1996. Both the camera and lens are auto focus as well as being auto-everything. Rather than being a camera, the F5 is a small computer that accepts film. 

I have only been using the new stuff for a couple months and have really not decided which system I like better. (If I was taking close-up photographs indoors there would be no question as to the which I like better as the F5 and accompanying flash are unbelievable.) The trade-off between the systems is really a question between the old manual focus lens vs. the auto focus camera and lens. The old 300mm lens is one of the best lenses ever made by any manufacturer. The 80-400mm zoom is simply ok. The new auto focus version of the 300mm f2.8 lens runs around $4,500. Hence, the old one is just fine with me.

I then scan the prints using a Hewlett Packard Photosmart scanner. (Yes, the quality would perhaps be higher if I scanned the negatives instead of the prints, but scanning the prints is much faster.)

Nikon recently introduced two new professional level digital cameras, the D1x and the D1h. They are expected to be available in limited qualities by July 1. I may have one of these by the time the new select soccer season starts. Of course, this purchase may result in me also having to find a new spouse.