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Here is the nasty collision. Yikes. Since posting these photos I have learned that the North Carolina player, Ashley Murray, ended up with 8 stitches under her left eye. She was able to return and play her final games with her team on Sunday and then in the semi-finals. Ashley will be attending Texas A&M University in the fall. (I really do enjoy the emails that I receive.) More email: The Sting player is Kellie Garrett. She had a similar collision in one of the high school playoff games and had six stitches above her right eye in March. Luckily, she had no cuts but did have a knot in her hairline. Kellie will be attending West Texas A & M @ Canyon. (Come on Doug, there has to be some sort of an Aggie comment for you to make. Go ahead. Let it rip......) Sorry folks. This one is just too easy.
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