Sting 89 v Strikers (April 23, 2000) - Roll 1
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I have several comments to make about the photos on this page. First, I grabbed on old roll of 200 speed Fugi film that was sitting around the house. (Remember that I am a big fan of 800 speed film, even outdoors.) The difference between slow film and fast film is how much light is required given the same desired shutter speed. As a result, with the slower film I have to literally open the lens up to let more light in. This has the effect of narrowing the depth of field (or the depth of focus), i.e. less stuff is in focus. However, you supposedly get better colors and contrast. Regarding depth of focus, notice how the grass is not in focus and is more of a solid green. I used 800 speed film in the second roll and I think you can see a big difference. But which is better?

In the first shot the fuzziness of the background seems to suspend the ball. Notice how the goalie is out of focus. (This is actually a pretty nice photo.) Professional photographers will tell you that they prefer the "look" of this shot saying that the viewers' eyes are focused on the main subject, rather than the goalie in the background. (Not that there is anything wrong with the goalie being in the background.) This shot looks better every time I look at it. It really is pretty cool. (My wife says the same thing about me. ha ha.)
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This is a nice photo.
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Take a look at this shot. Pure luck on my part to time this so well. And notice the brilliance of the blue uniform.
04-23-00ba-17.jpg (48874 bytes)

This is a great example of the limited depth of focus. This is perhaps another lesson in photography. Again, I am using a 420mm lens and I am probably up relatively close. The same shot could have been taken up closer but with, say, a 50mm lens. However, the effect of the out-of-focus background would be lost with the 50mm lens.
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This is a great photo. It could almost be used as an add for Fila soccer balls.
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