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Little demonstration here. The first two photos are the same shot. I usually scan the prints, however, since the first print had marks on it I went scanned the negative. Notice the difference. The print is actually more realistic. I will assure you that the grass was not that green.
09-23-00a-03.jpg (64012 bytes)
09-23-00a-03n.jpg (65972 bytes)

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09-23-00a-15.jpg (39257 bytes) 09-23-00a-16.jpg (53519 bytes) 

No doubt about it. This is my photo of the day. I went back and scanned the negative since the player's head was cut off.  My guess is that she jumped and missed a header. I am not sure. Any suggestions?
09-23-00a-18.jpg (44303 bytes)
09-23-00a-18n.jpg (48035 bytes)

09-23-00a-19.jpg (54542 bytes) 09-23-00a-20.jpg (64102 bytes) 09-23-00a-21.jpg (69280 bytes)

09-23-00a-22.jpg (52666 bytes) 09-23-00a-23.jpg (65185 bytes) 09-23-00a-25.jpg (37513 bytes)

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