Samba 91-White v Flame - August 12, 2000 - Roll 1
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Allie is excited about starting the game.
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Logan is thrilled.
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Here is a goal.
08-12-00a-03.jpg (44227 bytes)

This looks like another.
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08-12-00a-05.jpg (44842 bytes)

Oh no.
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08-12-00a-10.jpg (64483 bytes)

Here is another goal.
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I like this photo. Sticking your tongue out at your opponent is good defense.
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08-12-00a-23.jpg (22452 bytes) 08-12-00a-26.jpg (46370 bytes)

08-12-00a-28.jpg (46840 bytes) 08-12-00a-29.jpg (57043 bytes) 08-12-00a-32.jpg (44191 bytes)

Here is another goal.
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