Andromeda 91 v Andromeda 90 July 21, 2001
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Don't know that anybody would know this, but this game was very tough to photograph since the field was constructed facing east-west instead of the proper north-south. As a result I was always shooting at a 90 degree angle to the sun. The shadows were murder.
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I think this player is hiding from me.
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07-21-01-a-15.jpg (45620 bytes) 

07-21-01-a-17.jpg (49738 bytes)

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Lisa pulls her hair out.
07-21-01-a-24.jpg (51502 bytes)

Here we see the People Magazine 2001 Coolest Man of the Year.
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07-21-01-a-26.jpg (80136 bytes) 07-21-01-a-27.jpg (64024 bytes) 07-21-01-a-28.jpg (71825 bytes)

I think this is a pretty nice shot.
07-21-01-a-30.jpg (57661 bytes)

07-21-01-a-34.jpg (36402 bytes) 07-21-01-a-35.jpg (66368 bytes) 07-21-01-a-36.jpg (55492 bytes)

Have you been complaining to your mother about me again?
07-21-01-a-37.jpg (46682 bytes)
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