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Anatoliy asked me to take his photo prior to the start of the game. (The great one is indeed a ham.) It would have taken me a total of 6 seconds to grab my electronic flash. That would have made it a nice photo.
09-02-01b-a-12.jpg (48509 bytes)

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09-02-01b-a-22.jpg (64031 bytes) 09-02-01b-a-23.jpg (79613 bytes) 09-02-01b-a-24.jpg (72425 bytes)

09-02-01b-a-25.jpg (49070 bytes) 09-02-01b-a-26.jpg (47632 bytes) 09-02-01b-a-28.jpg (59358 bytes)

09-02-01b-a-31.jpg (64761 bytes) 09-02-01b-a-32.jpg (69376 bytes) 09-02-01b-a-34.jpg (40761 bytes)

09-02-01b-a-36.jpg (40824 bytes)
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