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After shooting 36 shots of nothing as the film was not advancing in my camera, my first shot of the season was a goal. (Note how the slow shutter speed due to the lighting was not able to freeze the action.)
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If it had not been for the constraints of a slow shutter speed this one could have been a very nice photo. May even have made the front page of my Sting home page. Nice effort by the Longhorn goalie.
02-20-01-roll1-04.jpg (40404 bytes)

I typically scan the prints instead of the negatives since it is much quicker. However, once in a while I have to go directly to the negative to get more detail as the processors typically crop the negatives. (Pretty interesting how the Sting girls can do push-ups.)
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That looks kinda, sorta uncomfortable.
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My flash did not fire.
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Not bad.
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