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Yuk!!!!!!!! You all know how much I hate white uniforms. I thought I was going to die when they started the game with that ugly gray soccer ball. It was soon replaced and I was saved. (I guess the soccer fashion police arrived and got rid of it.)
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Gray ball just ruined those nice photos.

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03-31-01-a-12.jpg (71568 bytes) 

Ah. Much better.
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Yes sir!!!
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Now this is interesting. I frequently have to go back and scan the negative instead of the print to pic up some lost details. However, the print is typically a better scan since the computers used by the processors do a better job with color than does my scanner. Not today. The scanned negative looks better than the job done by Wolf Camera. The prints all look a little dark.
03-31-01-a-18.jpg (68409 bytes) 03-31-01-a-18neg.jpg (79834 bytes)

03-31-01-a-19.jpg (65127 bytes) 03-31-01-a-21.jpg (74288 bytes) 03-31-01-a-22.jpg (53733 bytes)

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