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Doug was attending a pretty high tech photography seminar in the morning conducted by the Epson Printer People so I missed all but one game. (Actually, I would not have missed the final game but I did not know there would be a final game. Anyway, I want everybody's help who views these photos. I want you all to compare the appearance, look, feel, etc. of these photos and compare them with the photos from the prior game and let me know what "look" you like better: Please vote "old" or "new" in an email sent to

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Most people do not like to see photos of themselves on the internet while they are stuffing their face with a sandwich. 
01-18-03-008.JPG (106947 bytes)

I think the players have figured out that if they smile into my camera they may see their photos on their computers later that night.
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Lady Aces games attract a fair amount of riff raff.
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01-18-03-042.JPG (104527 bytes) 01-18-03-043.JPG (105469 bytes) 

Nice shot, Doug.
01-18-03-045.JPG (95093 bytes)

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01-18-03-063.JPG (103962 bytes) 01-18-03-065.JPG (102153 bytes) 01-18-03-066.JPG (120010 bytes)

01-18-03-068.JPG (87419 bytes) 01-18-03-070.JPG (76217 bytes)  

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