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Ahhh. I made a mistake with the first few images. They are a bit "noisy." I went back late Saturday night and re-converted the files from RAW to JPEG. I hope they look a little nicer. On the other hand, the skies were pretty dark. I was using isa speed of 800 - 1000 so maybe there is not much I can do about the noise. I am researching the daylights out of this on the internet.
2004-02-28-001.jpg (123407 bytes)  2004-02-28-002.jpg (123766 bytes) 2004-02-28-003.jpg (116314 bytes)

2004-02-28-005.jpg (135845 bytes) 2004-02-28-006.jpg (97213 bytes) 2004-02-28-007.jpg (99997 bytes)

2004-02-28-008.jpg (154159 bytes) 2004-02-28-010.jpg (113938 bytes) 2004-02-28-014.jpg (123554 bytes)

2004-02-28-015.jpg (144084 bytes) 2004-02-28-016.jpg (134830 bytes) 2004-02-28-017.jpg (119277 bytes)

2004-02-28-018.jpg (114017 bytes) 2004-02-28-019.jpg (132827 bytes) 2004-02-28-020.jpg (119301 bytes)

2004-02-28-021.jpg (125270 bytes) 2004-02-28-022.jpg (128436 bytes) 2004-02-28-023.jpg (138087 bytes) 2004-02-28-024.jpg (204566 bytes) 2004-02-28-025.jpg (213577 bytes)

2004-02-28-026.jpg (122625 bytes) 2004-02-28-027.jpg (99765 bytes) 2004-02-28-028.jpg (122389 bytes)

2004-02-28-029.jpg (140498 bytes) 2004-02-28-030.jpg (113051 bytes) 2004-02-28-031.jpg (118129 bytes)

2004-02-28-032.jpg (137769 bytes) 2004-02-28-033.jpg (215833 bytes) 2004-02-28-034.jpg (134721 bytes)

2004-02-28-035.jpg (140854 bytes) 2004-02-28-036.jpg (108147 bytes)
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