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Sting won the State Cup final approximately 4-0
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This might be the best shot out of the 344 that I took.
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2004-05-16-036-r.jpg (109358 bytes)

2004-05-16-040.jpg (97729 bytes) 2004-05-16-043.jpg (76738 bytes)

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This was the first goal.
2004-05-16-052.jpg (115557 bytes)  

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2004-05-16-061.jpg (114403 bytes) 2004-05-16-062.jpg (88410 bytes) 2004-05-16-064.jpg (111998 bytes) 2004-05-16-066.jpg (128179 bytes) 

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2004-05-16-068.jpg (111835 bytes)  

2004-05-16-070.jpg (98301 bytes) 2004-05-16-070-r.jpg (125525 bytes)
(The technology that has been developed since I first started taking photos of this team is truly amazing. And I am only using a tiny, teeny fraction of it.)

  2004-05-16-072.jpg (115181 bytes)

2004-05-16-074.jpg (90123 bytes) 2004-05-16-075.jpg (125240 bytes)  2004-05-16-076.jpg (87201 bytes)

2004-05-16-077.jpg (96053 bytes)

2004-05-16-078.jpg (136905 bytes) 2004-05-16-078-r.jpg (154298 bytes)

2004-05-16-075.jpg (125240 bytes)

I am always amazed by how well the Longhorn's orange uniforms photograph.
2004-05-16-082.jpg (84880 bytes)
2004-05-16-082-r.jpg (105880 bytes)

2004-05-16-084.jpg (108042 bytes) 2004-05-16-085.jpg (108780 bytes)

2004-05-16-089.jpg (128924 bytes)

The 3:00 pm sunlight can lead to huge problems with shadows. The second shot has some auto-software applied to it in an attempt to compensate for the shadow areas.
2004-05-16-091.jpg (83597 bytes)
2004-05-16-091-r.jpg (122826 bytes)

2004-05-16-092-r.jpg (124554 bytes)

2004-05-16-094.jpg (77699 bytes) 2004-05-16-104.jpg (190591 bytes) 2004-05-16-105.jpg (72205 bytes)

2004-05-16-107.jpg (79448 bytes) 2004-05-16-112.jpg (140312 bytes) 2004-05-16-114.jpg (130657 bytes)

2004-05-16-117.jpg (96130 bytes) 2004-05-16-123.jpg (176175 bytes) 2004-05-16-125.jpg (62321 bytes)

2004-05-16-126.jpg (79259 bytes) 2004-05-16-128.jpg (95757 bytes) 2004-05-16-131.jpg (52379 bytes)

2004-05-16-132.jpg (70391 bytes) 2004-05-16-132-r.jpg (104457 bytes)
(I think my problems with the 3:00 pm sun were pretty much gone by about 3:30 or 3:45. The sun going down just a little bit really helped the light.)

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