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Well, this was a brutally long day. The team played 4 matches spread over 13 hours with the first match at 8:00am and the last match at around 9:00pm.
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What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?
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2004-01-31-023.JPG (83249 bytes) 2004-01-31-031.JPG (89010 bytes) 2004-01-31-032.JPG (66666 bytes)

As the light was pretty good, I set my camera "film" speed to 1600 and took these shots without the use of a flash. (I was afraid these shots would look a little grainy so I went back to using the flash for the rest of the games.)
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2004-01-31-035.JPG (85682 bytes) 2004-01-31-042.JPG (73922 bytes)

2004-01-31-043.JPG (81564 bytes) 2004-01-31-046.JPG (80278 bytes) 2004-01-31-047.JPG (80826 bytes)

2004-01-31-048.JPG (76347 bytes) 2004-01-31-050.JPG (73424 bytes) 2004-01-31-051.JPG (84044 bytes)

2004-01-31-061.JPG (72240 bytes) 2004-01-31-066.JPG (93718 bytes) 2004-01-31-074.JPG (88287 bytes)

2004-01-31-077.JPG (74842 bytes) 2004-01-31-079.JPG (60677 bytes) 2004-01-31-081.JPG (60068 bytes) 2004-01-31-083.JPG (69098 bytes) 2004-01-31-089.JPG (60046 bytes) 2004-01-31-091.JPG (75182 bytes) 2004-01-31-093.JPG (62694 bytes)

2004-01-31-097.JPG (94354 bytes) 2004-01-31-101.JPG (93218 bytes) 2004-01-31-109.JPG (64864 bytes) 2004-01-31-116.JPG (103942 bytes) 2004-01-31-118.JPG (93147 bytes) 2004-01-31-124.JPG (78662 bytes)

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