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The Houston convention center is a beautiful facility for volleyball. It is especially nice for a photographer. The girls won all three games in the preliminary pool on Saturday.
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Perhaps I should send this shot to "GQ."
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Getting action shots of Maci is easy.
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As my shots are all beginning to look alike, I will now try to get more shots like these. (This is a really cool group of kids.)
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I have many more shots to edit and post from this weekend. But for now:
Greetings from Beth (love of my life.).
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That is not a bad shot.
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2004-03-13-066.jpg (99166 bytes) 2004-03-13-068.jpg (106476 bytes) 2004-03-13-069.jpg (110883 bytes)

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No, Torie did not hit this one with her head.
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