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This shot was taken before the game as I was checking my settings for the light in the facility. Turns out it was my best shot of the night.
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2004-01-24-031.JPG (81117 bytes) 2004-01-24-033.JPG (101790 bytes) 2004-01-24-037.JPG (68679 bytes)

2004-01-24-039.JPG (83840 bytes) 2004-01-24-044.JPG (102428 bytes) 2004-01-24-046.JPG (77126 bytes)

2004-01-24-047.JPG (106389 bytes) 2004-01-24-050.JPG (74283 bytes) 2004-01-24-051.JPG (96245 bytes)

2004-01-24-056.JPG (99659 bytes) 2004-01-24-058.JPG (66375 bytes) 2004-01-24-059.JPG (75788 bytes)

2004-01-24-064.JPG (93519 bytes) 2004-01-24-066.JPG (76947 bytes) 2004-01-24-067.JPG (98241 bytes)

2004-01-24-068.JPG (92220 bytes) 2004-01-24-070.JPG (93727 bytes) 2004-01-24-072.JPG (90929 bytes)

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