State Bar of Texas - 2007 Advanced Family Law Course - San Antonio, TX - August 2007                Page 3
Photos by Doug Fejer                                                                          

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An American icon.

How could I resist the photo op.

Wow. How lucky can a person get?

Me and two guys ........... We'll be visiting Elvis at New Frontiers in October.

Ooooopppppps. Something went wrong here.

On the walk home from dinner I noticed a lot of people taking photos of this old building. So, what the heck.

The new lens is amazing. Hand held, no flash.

An example of a couple things. First, it was very, very dark. The modern electronics gave me the perfect amount of flash. You can also see in the photo just how festive the Advanced course is. It is the best example of mixing business with pleasure that I am aware of.

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