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Welcome to Doug's Plano West
Football (and Royales) Photos
(Photos by Doug Fejer)

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2007/2008 Games & Events

2007-11-17: Playoff Game v Naaman Forest @ Texas Stadium

2007-11-09 v Berkner

2007-10-26 v Plano

2007-10-19 v Allen

2007-10-12 v Lake Highlands

2007-09-28 v Richardson

2007-09-14 v N. Mesquite

2007-09-07 v S. Garland

2007-08-31 v S. Grand Prairie

2006/2007 Games & Events

Plano West 2007 Musical "West Side Story"

2006-11-18 v Garland

2006-11-10 v Berkner

2006-11-03 v Wiley

2006-10-27 v Plano

2006-10-26 Shepton 10th Grade v Vines 10th Grade

Plano West 2006 Fall Play "To Kill a Mockingbird"

2006-10-20 v Allen

2006-10-13 v Lake Highlands (Homecoming)

2006-10-06 v Plano East

2006-09-15 v N. Mesquite

2006-09-08 v S. Garland

2006-09-01 v S. Grand Prairie

2005/2006 Games & Events

Royales Spring Show Dress Rehearsal 2006-02-15

Plano West Musical "Little Shop of Horrors" Dress Rehearsal November 16, 2005

2005-11-04 v Lewisville

2005-10-28 v The Colony

2005-10-21 v Flower Mound

2005-10-14 v Allen

2005-10-07 v Plano East

2005-09-30 v Plano

2005-09-23 v Marcus

2005-09-22 v Jasper v Marcus

Plano West Fall Play "The House of Blue Leaves" Dress Rehearsal September 14, 2005

2005-09-09 v Naaman Forest

2005-08-26 v S. Garland

2004 Games

2004-11-12 State Playoffs v Denton Ryan

2004-11-12 State Playoffs v DeSoto

2004-10-29 Homecoming v The Colony

2004-10-22 v Flower Mound

2004-10-15 v Allen

2004-09-24 v Marcus

2004-09-09 v Naaman Forest

2004-09-03 v Rowlett

2004-08-27 v S. Garland

2003 Games

11-07-03 v Allen

10-30-03 v Lake Highlands

10-24-03 v McKinney

10-17-03 v Plano East

10-03-03 v Rockwall

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Plano West Royales Drill Team


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Plano West High School Website

Lake Highlands Sports


This is probably my best photo of 2007.

Final preparations before the start of the new season.



Just love the new uniforms. Please put the old black ones in a big pile and burn them.


August 18, 2005


I wanted to send you an e-mail saying how much I appreciate your site. I am from Plano and am in the National Guard. I was called up to active duty in June of last year. I was sent to Mississippi, California, Kuwait and finally Iraq. I've been in Iraq since last November. One of the things I miss the most from home is high school (and college) football. I found your site earlier this year and had a blast going through all your photos of last season. It was almost as good as being there. I especially liked the trouble you went to capturing the full scene with pics of the halftime show, the drill team, the band, the cheerleaders and the crowd. Unfortunately, I will still be in Iraq for the 2005 season. I am looking forward to seeing all the games (complete with all the pageantry) on your website. I guess the first game should be coming up soon, so I've got something to look forward to.

With any luck, I should be done with this mission and back home sometime in November. So maybe I'll get back in time for the playoffs. Maybe this year, West will go all the way. Last year, I was so out of the loop I didn't even realize that West made the playoffs, let alone that they made a run at State. Anyway, thanks again for the cool website. Keep it up.

Sgt Jonathan Locke
US Army

(Doug's comments: Wow. And I thought I was highly motivated before ...............  Sgt. Locke's email address is [morecowbell_988@hotmail.com] Gotta believe that soldiers in today's army like to hear from friends.)


2004-10-29-208.jpg (99310 bytes)

2004-10-15-276.jpg (61708 bytes)
This was an incomplete pass. But, it is always important to look good when posing for this webpage.

2004-09-03-264.jpg (159080 bytes)

Anybody see my helmet???????
2004-08-27-096.jpg (520137 bytes)


Oct-30-03-284 test.jpg (84741 bytes)

Oct-24-03-022.jpg (136592 bytes)

10-03-03-246.JPG (153101 bytes)
"Dude, how about we cruise chicks after the game."

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