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In this web page you will learn a little about me.  However, this page is basically a photo album of my children's activities. (It also needs to be updated as I have not done much to this main page during the past year.  Some of the links need to be updated so don't blame your computer if they do not work.)

I grew up in Mt. Clemens, MI., graduating from Mt. Clemens High School (1976). For you trivia buffs, our school's mascot or team name was "Battling Bathers." (Really.) For those of you from Mt. Clemens, I spent my first ten years (1958 - 1968) living on 187 North Avenue.  We then moved to 23 Lodewyck.  My parents lived there until approximately 1984.

Later it was on to Michigan State University (BA-1980) and then the University of Texas @ Austin (MPA-1982) . I spent one year in New York City and then it was on to Dallas where I have been since 1983. I am married (Beth Kuebler Fejer) and have a 9 year old son (Alex) and 7 year old daughter (Lesia - just like my sister.) 

My parents now live in Bloomfield Hills, MI. My sister Lesia Fejer Fodell lives in Rochester, MI. My brother Paul, Jr. died in 1989. (Do you, or did you, know any of them?)

My parents are both immigrants. The pictures in the following link show them the day they arrived in the U.S. They are literally on the boat with the Statue of Liberty in the background (August 15, 1949) . Although not very clear, these have always been favorite photos of mine. These photos are by far the ones people ask me about the most.

The photo in the next link is my wife (love of my life) preparing to greet me at home after I've had long hard day at the office. I wonder if I can expect a delicious home cooked meal when I arrive????

So how about a picture of me? I oftentimes felt that moving to Texas was a little like my parents' move to the U.S. It was somewhat far away from home, the culture was definitely different, and some might even say a different language was spoken. The following photo, although five years old, fully illustrates life in the old west of Texas.

During the week I am a CPA limited to an unusual (uncommon may be a better term) type of consulting. I spend most of my time working with people going through a divorce by valuing businesses, structuring settlement proposals, valuing pension plans, determining the characterization of property (separate v. community) looking for undisclosed assets, analyzing tax language in settlement proposals, and just a whole lot of other stuff dealing with the financial aspects of divorce cases. I also value businesses for non-divorce matters including estate planning. General litigation consulting, determining lost profits in commercial litigation cases in addition to business valuation, is also a large part of my practice. It truly is an interesting way to earn a living and can even sometimes be rather satisfying. It can occasionally be particularly amusing.

My hobbies these days are pretty much limited to my children's' activities, particularly photographing them, and thinking up creative ways to come up with their tuition that is due every July 1. They live much better than me. The photography bug has hit me in a big way, particularly over the last year.  I have always had cameras but for the past year I have been on about a 2-3 roll a week habit and it is tough to break, particularly with Lesia playing on two soccer teams, Alex on a baseball team and everybody (except me) a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I use a Nikon F3, a semi-automatic camera that is still manufactured by Nikon after more than 15 years.   The F4 and F5 are fully automatic but it is just tough to teach an old dog ......

Actually, I have developed an interest in WWII vintage airplanes, particularly the big old bombers (B-17, B-24, B-29 etc). This interest really developed through use of the internet. What's particularly interesting and odd about this interest is that I am terrified of flying. Alex and I have become big fans of the local airshows.  We have now seen both the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds perform.

Ok, Ok, so you are dying to see photos of my children. Here is my son's photo page. Here is my daughter's photo page.

Hey, how about some photos of your summer vacation? (That was last year's vacation.   Here is the link to our Summer 98 vacation.)

What about Beth's hobbies? Other than the children and Tae Kwon Do, one of her hobbies is raising butterflies, particularly monarchs and black swallowtails. What's really cool about butterflies is after they "hatch" they cannot fly for several minutes until their wings dry. This makes for some very neat photo opportunities. Take a look at these butterfly photos.

Alex, Lesia and Beth are now all black belts in Tae Kwon Do.   Alex got his black belt in November 1997 and Lesia and Beth just got theirs in October 1998.  For our summer vacation this year we traveled to Orlando so that Alex and Lesia could compete in the Junior Nationals. (They both qualified by winning silver medals in sparring at the Texas State tournament.) Lesia came home with a gold medal.  We also went to Michigan to visit my family.

My Tae Kwon Do shots, as well as many taken by Alex,  can be found on my Tae Kwon Do Page. Lesia's soccer game photos can be found on Lesia's Soccer Page.   Finally, Alex's baseball photos can be found on Alex's Baseball Page.

(10/3/97) Here are a few photographs that I took during September 97.

Here are a couple of shots from Halloween 97 and my cousin Melanie's recent visit.

Here's a new twist. No one other than my immediate family would want to see this page. Here is a collection of Christmas photos from 1989 through 1997.  Click on the link to watch my children grow.

Jan. 13, 1998 addition.  Here are new photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

January 31, 1998 addition.  In January we had a couple of very pleasant days here in Dallas. (Somewhat of a relief from our anguish with the Cowboys not being in the Super Bowl.)  So we took out the trampoline.

(3/22/98) The children each had a spring concert at school in March.  Lesia's concert was held on March 5, 1998.  Alex's concert was on March 18, 1998. OK, so this is very dated.  Here is the link the Alex's Spring 99 concert. Here is Lesia's Spring 99 Texas Play.

Lesia and I went on an Indian Princess Campout in April 98. We went on another Princess campout in September.  The men in the tribe got tired of roughing it at Camp Classen so instead we went to San Marcos and stayed at the LaQuinta and went canoeing. At night we ate Mexican food and drank Margaritas. (So much for YMCA rules.)  Compared to Camp Classen it was quite luxurious. (Can you believe I forgot to bring my camera.)

Alex and I went to the Ft. Worth Air Show on Sunday May 31, 1998. Boy, was it ever hot. The highlight of the day was the performance by the Blue Angels.

(6/16/98) Lesia's school, soccer, and gymnastics friend Melissa T. came over to spend the night during the first week of summer vacation.  I couldn't resist the opportunity to get a few cute shots.

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To get an idea of what I do on the internet, see my Links. (Note especially the link to a photo that I received from an old friend.)

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