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Bingham's Lakeside Inn.jpg (38287 bytes)
Bingham's Lakeside Inn
(I have never heard of this one.)
Bird's Eye View 1907.jpg (122333 bytes)
Bird's eye view - 1907
Boat Landing.jpg (31380 bytes)
Boat Landing. This was the Park that was across the street from the Park Hotel. 
Cass Avenue 1913.jpg (74586 bytes)
Cass Avenue 1913
Colonial - Thrasher & Henk Photo.jpg (54560 bytes)
Colonial 1906.jpg (23711 bytes)
Colonial 1906
Colonial 1908a.jpg (123807 bytes)
Colonial 1908
Colonial Bath City of America.jpg (33273 bytes) Colonial.jpg (38646 bytes)
Courthouse 1910 b.jpg (100222 bytes)
Courthouse 1910
Courthouse 1910.jpg (49119 bytes) Fenton 1908.jpg (33553 bytes)
Fenton 1908 - Did this later become the John Murphy - Clementine? Notice the building on the far left.
Fenton 1910.jpg (43664 bytes)
Fenton 1910
Fenton.jpg (36947 bytes)
Fire Department 1913.jpg (61845 bytes)
Fire Department 1913
Fountain Bath 1909.jpg (48780 bytes)
Fountain Bath. 1909
Gray Gables.jpg (46669 bytes)
Grey Gables - This was north of the Colonial but still south of Robertson.
Medea.jpg (31436 bytes)
The building apparently survived long after it was no longer a hotel. What was the building later used for? My childhood recollection of this building has it being converted to a storefront. Did this building include Mt. Clemens Dodge?
Medea 1910-15.jpg (27989 bytes)
Medea 1910
Medea.jpg (31436 bytes)
Monroe Hotel 1910.jpg (491370 bytes)
Monroe - 1910
Never knew of this one.
Murphy 1942.jpg (56888 bytes)
Murphy - Clementine - 1942
National.jpg (75724 bytes)
The National
New Street Oct 25, 1912.jpg (41505 bytes)
New Street - 1912
Old House 1910.jpg (36157 bytes)
Fairview - 1912

RESIDENCE OF DR. LENFESTEY1908.jpg (23727 bytes)
Residence of Dr.Lefensky - 1908 (The city directory lists a John Lenfestey at 118 Cass Avenue.)

Olympia 1907.jpg (99576 bytes)
Olympia 1907
Olympis Bath House 1913.jpg (36633 bytes)
Olympia Bath House 1913
Park 1905.jpg (63283 bytes)
Park Hotel 1905
Park 1915.jpg (82411 bytes)
Park Hotel 1915
Park 1922.jpg (35725 bytes)
Park Hotel 1922
Park Hotel 1915.jpg (44638 bytes)
Park Hotel 1915
Park Hotel Park 1910.jpg (503057 bytes)
Park Hotel 1910
Park Pergola.jpg (79549 bytes)
Park Pergola
Park.jpg (26823 bytes)
Park Hotel
Selfridge Field a.jpg (27616 bytes)
Selfredge Air Field
Sherman 1906.jpg (89568 bytes)
Sherman 1906
Sherman House 1908.jpg (33867 bytes)
Sherman 1908
Here is a description of the history of the Sherman
Steamer Lilly.jpg (62439 bytes)
Steamer Lilly
Streamer - Mineral City.jpg (30213 bytes)
Steamer Mineral City
Tennessee 1912.jpg (32796 bytes)
Tennessee - 1912

Here is a link to a description of several of the main bathhouses. This site is maintained by Maggie Pecar Follone. Visit her main page at Macomb County, Michigan Genealogy It is full of interesting stuff about the history of Mt. Clemens.

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