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Check out this article from the Macomb Daily.  http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=9989123&BRD=988&PAG=461&dept_id=141265&rfi=8

Updated June 4, 2006. Added Karen Schulte (Boudreau) 1976, Lloyd Simms 1956,

Updated November 21, 2005 Added: Kim Wood (76), Tracy King (77) and Richard Davis (76)

Updated May 18, 2005: Added Roger Ezell (1976), Frank Zielinski (1980), update for George Kalligeros featuring photos of the Seminole School demolition, Frankie Shy (1976), George Zielinski (1975), William Udo Buhl (1958), Updated Pauline Valenzuela., Paulette Dembinski (1971), Updated John DeMott, Tom Lyon (1970), Cindy Sue Donohue (1971), Sheila Allen (1981), Allen Beltz (1964) (Will try to update more frequently in the future.)

Check out these photos.  http://www.douglasfejer.com/mtclemens/12-04-02/

Check out these photos of Mt. Clemens from 1908  http://www.mtclemens.org/1908MTC/index.htm

I am always looking for old photos of Mt. Clemens. Particularly interested in old photos of downtown stores, hotels, and residences. (I guess that means any old photos of Mt. Clemens.)

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Mount Clemens High School
Email List   If you have sent me an email and your name is not here or is not updated - Please send again. I am just behind.)

However brief this listing may be, please send me your additions. (If I am doing this for my wife's class, I may as well do mine.) My address is doug@dougfejer.com  This project sure has been a lot of fun. I really have enjoyed the emails I have received. Stay tuned for more from the 60's and 80's. 

Please email photos also. If you do not have a scanner, send me the photo and I will scan it and return it. My address is 6805 Crestland, Dallas, Texas 75252.


Ila (Broughton) Scholla

DeMott, John
DeMott, John S. jsdemott@comcast.net

John S. DeMott MCHS 1955 Journalist University of Michigan (1959), Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism (1961). Currently freelance business writer and editor, Washington. Formerly: writer/editor, Government of the District of Columbia; staff writer or editor Newsweek, TIME, Institutional Investor, The Wichita Eagle, The Florida TimesUnion, The Charlotte Observer, Xerox, Citibank, Nation's Business, FortuneSmall Business, Red Herring, The San Francisco Examiner. Divorced. Children: Michael, 40, married, a PhD biochemist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Kathryn, 36, married, editor, Rheumatology News in Washington. Two grandchildren, one by each of my children. jsdemott@comcast.net, 5500 Holmes Run Parkway 310, Alexandria, Virginia 22304 703 496 3294 (HOME) 703 496 3295 (FAX) 703 850 9245 (WIRELESS)

Donna Hirschfield [contactdh@voyager.net]
Hello, I lived in Clinton Township on Glenwood Rd. I'm familiar with your old neighborhood. You were lucky to be able to walk to school. I had to take the Gratiot Ave. bus. Talk about cold in the winter! The alumni page listed a date for a reunion of '56,'57 and '58. It could be the 1955 reunion has already occurred. 

Hi Doug, I graduated in 1955 and am trying to find out if there will be a 50 year reunion. Can you give me some help as to who I should give my current address to in case a reunion party

does occur? Also it may be that several years of graduation will have a party together, that's why I'm starting to find info. now. I appreciate your help. You have an interesting site! Donna Richardson Hirschfield contactdh@voyager.net


Lloyd Simms

I would like to have some of the friends i met in high school from 1953 to 1956. to e-mail me. I am now living in vanderbilt michigan.


Buhl, William Udo

Racine, John


Whalen, Mark (2/04/01)

 Only one post from "my era" at MCHS. I went there from Sept. '58 through Jun, '60, after which we moved to the Phoenix area. I would have been Class of '62. 
I was in the band and on the varsity diving team. My only "claim to fame" was that I went steady with Vivian Perkins, popularly believed to be the most beautiful girl in the school, (with her almost black hair, her Liz Taylor violet eyes, and that southern drawl.) My first love, and I can still feel it today, over forty years later. 
I changed my name thirty years ago, but back then it was Bernie Yunck (easy to see why, eh?) Oh, yeah. I was also featured in an article in the Monitor Leader paper (is that still around?) for my brief stint in the number one t.v. show at the time, "Have Gun--Will Travel", which proudly displayed my picture with Richard Boone, a.k.a. "Paladin". I am now the online publisher of PresMark Publishing Co., and author of our one basic product, my book, "How to Quit Smoking Without Willpower or Struggle", now being read and used by thousands in thirty-eight countries. We are at www.nowillpower.com
If there's anyone out there who remembers the kids from Clinton Valley Jr. High, or David Fogt (1944-1974(?), Dennis O'Brien, Dick Mitchell, or Doug Jabbolee, write to me. I'll be delighted to hear from you.
P.S. Attached are two pics. One how I looked back then, and another pretty much how I look today..

MW at 16 resized.jpg (55598 bytes)


Brazin, James (Jim) C.

Mary Francis Ullrich

Beltz, Allan A.

Doug I graduated in 1964. Man you were in the first grade. If you hear from any 1964 grads send them my email a-cbeltz@juno.com. I am still married to the girl (Carol Lindeborg) I met in the 10th grade but never dated until after we graduated. I have worked for Chryslers and for the Federal Government. I am now looking forward to retiring in less than three years.


Geschwind, Ron

Burke, Mary (Mary Burke Kelley)
Mary is my cousin. She has lived in Florida forever with her husband and two children. Mary and I will occasionally meet at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport during layovers. Hit the link to see a photo of Mary's family as well as my wife Beth and two children, Alex and Lesia. Mary's two children, Allison and Ryan, are standing on her husband Chuck's left. Contrary to the date of the file, this photo was taken this summer at DFW airport.

Graves, John


Racine, Robert

Pauline Valenzuela
After school in 1977 i went into the army i got out in 1997, yes i put 20 years in. before that i had a lot of no were jobs. i did some modeling for a while that was o.k. while i was in the army i was a office worker, truck driver, drill sgt, that was fun, and medic. i went to the gulf war. i live in gaylord michigan, married to tom dayble, two dogs, one cat. i still roller skateing, i had my first event of the yeat in jan, i took first place. know i have to work had to get ready for state, the the regious comeing up. here is my email adress ble@core.com i wrote this feb of o3hope to here from anyone that knows me or my husband.


Thomas, Matt


Anderson, Cassie (Cassie Anderson Blair)

I moved to Detroit about two weeks after the 1967 riots. Led a semi-hippie existence for about a year, then moved to Cambridge, England, in 1968. Was married to an Englishman for six years. Traveled around Europe (including hitchhiking). Came back to the U.S. in 1974 and drifted around for six months, then it was off to California for 16 years. Met Johnny, a bike messenger, in 1979, while working as an architectural secretary. Was having a great time and thought I had it made. Then Jesus knocked on the door of my heart and I found out there's more to life than what appears to the natural human eye! We got married in 1981 and daughter Jade followed threee years later. A convergence of the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, increased crime, and traffic jams drove The Three Blairs back to the right coast (Pennsylvania) in 1991. Since 1996 we've been in Williamsport, about two and a half hours north of Harrisburg. I've been a self-employed graphic artist since 1995. I also do a lot of singing (church, radio commercials, concerts, CD recordings, etc.). Life is never dull, and it gets better as I get older!

Geschwind, Sheryll
Hey great idea. Add me, Sheryll Geschwind along with my twin sister, Shirley Geschwind; her address is BCDI@foxberry.net and my older brother Ron Geschwind, rgc@home.com. My other two brothers, Art and Bill are on already and Bill told me about it! I live in California but I try to visit go old Mt. Clemens every year and see my family. Where do I send a pic? I've never made it to one class reunion but my sister made it to our 20th! We graduated in 1968. Sheryll sent this photo.

Geschwind, Shirley

Hoffner, Laurie 

Doug ~ You¡¯ll remember me as Laurie Hofner, Lesia¡¯s old friend from M.C. I just took a look at your web site and it¡¯s just delightful. What a beautiful family you have! I can¡¯t believe how much your daughter Lesia looks like your sister at the same age!  I haven¡¯t spoken with Lesia in a few years, since our reunion, but seeing your pictures has inspired me to give her a call. Her kids have grown up gorgeous and Tom still looks great at, what, 51?? Lesia has and will always be one of the most beautiful women I¡¯ve known.

Potter, Robert

I am Robert (Bob) Potter from the class of 1968. My email address is Robert.Potter@statiaterm.com

Saul, WIlliam L.

As an Air Force brat I went to three high schools with my longest stay at MCHS for the sophomore & junior years (65-67) before being transferred to Biloxi, MS for my graduation year of 1968. I REALLY missed not finishing as a Bather. I could say more that could make connections with others but am wary of the web. I am married 25 years to a lady from Denmark I met in the Navy and live in the Cajun Country of Lafayette, LA. My omniverous curiosity garnered me the credentials of a geologist, but so far not mineral wealth! Thanks for the Mt. Clemens reminiscences your site stirred within me!

Trombley (Walters) Lynn

Hit this link to find photos from the 1962 retirement party of Lynn's grandfather Charles Walters. He was president of First National Bank in Mt. Clemens. http://www.douglasfejer.com/mtclemens/12-04-02/

Baumann, Jean
What a great idea! I have so many fond memories of your family. Your parents knew mine (Wilma and Joe Baumann) and I remember your dad coming to our house to fix our television set when TV's had tubes. That was a while ago. I remember being so relieved when Soupy Sales was back on the old Zenith. I missed my 30th this summer - I was in Europe. Doesn't that sound pseudo-sophisticated and snotty? But it's true - I was there during the reunion. What am I up to? I'm a psychologist - in private practice with my husband. We live in Grosse Pointe and our practice is in Roseville. We bought an office there after we both lost our jobs at Bon Secours after the Henry Ford merger. We have one son, Cort, who is a sophomore at Grosse Pointe South. He's doing very well and is very close to being an Eagle Scout. He's thinking of Lyman Briggs at MSU, and will be going to Cuba this summer for two weeks with our church. Last summer he spent two weeks at The National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming and Colorado. He turned 15 at 7000 ft. elevation, wearing shorts in the snow.

Baumann, Marilyn K.
I regret to inform readers that Marilyn passed away during the past 12 months. (2001)

Summer 1999 I moved back to Mount Clemens, and through Dave Tuscany was able to purchase Miss Amsbury's house on Jones Street - she's 88 now and has moved to a condo in her home town of Alma, where both us went to college, 40 years apart.  Us Alma girls always stick together.  Her realtor was Bob Petipren, so all 3 of us knew her from MCHS days.  This was truly a local deal.  One of the things she told me about the house is that when she was considering buying it in 1954, Harold Jones came over and inspected it for her - told her it was a good value.  I wonder how many other of our teachers have been over here?  This fall I bought my dream car - a 1969 VW Bug, and the vanity plates read MCHS 69.  If you see this car around town (it's gray), HONK if you were in the band.

Behe, Paul
The attached photograph was taken by my brother Paul at a party at Paul Behe's parents' house in 1968. Paul is seated with Nola Hahn. So what do you call the type of look that Paul is displaying? Anyway, I received specific permission from Paul's daughter Amy to put this outrageous photo on the web. (Like Jimmy Carter, I had to check with Amy first.) By the way, Amy is a brand new graduate of Eastern Michigan University.) Sure hope Paul has a sense of humor. If not, sure glad I don't live anywhere near Mt. Clemens.

Curatolo, Victor

Fejer, Lesia (Lesia Fodell)
Yup. This is old Doug's sister living in Rochester, MI with her husband and three children.

Hofner, Laurie (Laurie McManus)
Laurie McManus, Marketing Manager, Hollywood.com, 1620 26th Street, Suite 370 South, Santa Monica, CA, 90404, Phone: 310-586-2011, Fax: 310-586-2005

Larlee, Pam
Pam was another friend of my sister's, especially in the very early days. Many of my father's photos from those days have Lesia and Pam attached at the waist. Here is a photo taken the day of my baptism. I am the cute little fella in my godfather's arms. The children left to right are my cousin George Burke (69), my late brother Paul (68), sister Lesia, Pam Larlee, and my cousin Mary Burke (65).Standing in the back are my Aunt Katherine (George and Mary's mother), my godparents Pinty and Arpad Janossy, my mother, my Aunt Anastasia, and my father. 

Lyon, Tom

I'm a graduate of Mt. Clemens High School, Class of 1970.  I'm gonna look for some old pics and try and send them to ya.  I truly enjoyed the old pictures of Mt. Clemens.  I'm a resident of Sterling Heights, Mich now.  Been a Michigan boy for 51 yrs now.  Wow time sure flys.  Like they say, you never miss something until its gone.  The old days of the 60's, 70's in Mt. Clemens was the best. Hopefully in the near future you'll get some of those pics.  Take Care.

Pearsall,  Barbara L. (Barbara L. Silkworth)
Here is a photo of Barb and my sister Lesia. I am guessing this is Easter Sunday, 1967 or 1968. Barb and Lesia were such slaves of fashion.  As you can see from the photo above, my father would take a lot of photos of people posing in our front yard. I guess the old Vernior and Dedenbach grocery store was a nice backdrop. (Did I spell it correctly?) (While the slide has 1968 imprinted across the top, a different photo of the black Dodge auto shows a 1967 license plate. My father had several cameras. Perhaps he simply had a roll of film in an infrequently used camera for a long time.)

Pennington, Debbie (Debbie Wahl)

Williams, Anna

Cobbs, Linda

Schwandt, Susan

Anderson, Lori (Lori Farion)
What have i been doing since high school? I stayed in Mt. Clemens for close to nine years after that, and after the Viking Lounge closed, I split.... I moved to LA, CA in 1979, got married to John Farion, got pregnant in 1982, oh, wait a minute ... before I got married and after I moved here, I got a job... Now, back to note - I have a daughter age 17, Alexis, got divorced in 1989, and have basically been bringing up baby for the past 17 years. I do freelance work as a medical transcriptionist, and I get to stay home to do it.... the last time I was in Mt. Clemens was in 1989, I think. If there's a class reunion in 2000, I wouldn't mind going to that. I'll check out your web site.Lori (Anderson)Farion

Bach, Sandra

Bradburn, Vivian

Dembinski, Paulette

I am a graduate of MCHS "71"
My name in school: Paulette Dembinski-
I grew up on Little Road-my parents are still there!
I own a marketing and skin care business-
I write and teach show choir dancing at Fraser High School and sing in The Metropolitan Detroit Chorale-(performed at Carnagie Hall twice)
MArried to David- 2 children Jeanine and Gary and 3 grandchildren
Nikolas, Haley and Gary
Paulette Singer 
Coordinator The Body Shop At Home
586-214-7176  paulettesinger@yahoo.com

Donohue, Cindy Sue

I am from the class of '71, & grew up on Eastman street near the Brown twins. I have attached a pic of the memorial benches that were dedicated to Brown & Ahrens outside of the MCPD. I have enjoyed your site, & wanted to know if I could put some photos or a link to one of the local stores here in "the Clem" that sells "the Clem," "Clemtown," & Mt. Clemens sweat shirts & t-shirts. I thought it might be a good idea for those who are far from the Clem to be able to proudly proclaim their heritage. ha. Thanks again, Cindy Sue Donahue, class of '71 & Macomb County Historian

Krause, Raenelle
I am not much help...I moved from Mt. Clemens to Texas between my Sophomore and Junior year.....and although lots of names of classmates come to mind, I have not had any contact with them for years.....the closest was when I was in MI 4 years ago for my brothers funeral (industrial accident).  I went to St. Mary's before my Freshamn and Sophomore year at Mt Clemens High.  Most of the friends that I saw, were friends from there. I remember lots of names and faces, as well as favorite hangouts.....but no luck on contacting folks through me.....Sorry.  Raenelle

Polzin, Kathleen

Sutton, Dennis

Taylor, Rosemary
Thanks so much for doing this.  I went to MCHS for my freshman and sophomore years, and have very good memories of it there (especially compared to the high school I transferred to in rural Illinois).  My family lived on Selfridge AFB, and I'd especially like to hear from anyone who lived there in 67-69.  After graduating from the University of Illinois I moved to New York for two misbegotten years before heading to St. Paul, Minn., where I live with my husband and two teenagers.  I'm a freelance technical writer (Mr. Giammarinar at MCHS was the first tough editor I ever had, and probably my favorite teacher too).

Your e-mail has prompted me to pull out my old MCHS yearbooks and look up the pictures of the people from my class in your listings. What fun after all these years. I've lost touch with everyone I knew there, which is too bad considering how many wonderful folks I met during that time. We lived there twice, when I was 3-8 years old and again for the first two years of high school, so I spent a lot of my childhood in that one place -- unusual for an Air Force brat. The kids I met at MCHS were very interesting, worldly, hip and kind (yes, kind) compared to the ones I knew at the school I transferred to in rural Illinois. When we moved away, I realized what a good mix there had been at Mt. Clemens, and how there seemed to be room there for all different kinds of people.

The other group of people I knew well there (besides the Air Force brats) were the school newspaper staff -- Steve Novak, Lynda Manion, Brian Taylor, Yvonne Powell, Joan Donaldson, Maury Vincent, Bob Warren... All from the classes of 69-71. It was great being on the paper; we had a place to hang out, in the newspaper office, where all kinds of little intrigues went on. No one can believe it when I tell them my school team's name was the "Battling Bathers". What a place.

Ashley, Paul

My dad was in the army so we traveled around all my life. I attended 4 high schools, the last of which was MCHS. At the time I was living at Selfridge air base. Joe lived in Mount Clemens but I don't remember where. We were both in choir and both were guitar players so that was our link. We lost touch after I left for college. Actually I'm not in Mississippi (is that listed somewhere on the classmates site?) but am in Wheaton, IL, a western suburb of Chicago. I work for McDonald's Corp. - the hamburger folks.


I am a 1976 grad. Somebody named Joe from the class of 72 is trying to contact you. His email address is jumpinjoemama@aol.com Regards, Doug Fejer doug@dougfejer.com

Bender, Susan

Fields, Al

Genereaux, Lynne

Hacker, Paul

O'Donnell, Anna

Just stumbled across your web site (nice job!!!) and noticed that my baby sister, Patty O'Donnell had e-mailed you with some family news.  Which in the case of her older sister (Thats me...Anna!) has changed a bit.  I'm still married to Jeff, my son Erik did get married to Tracy and they live up in Marquette where Tracy is finishing up her student teaching and Erik will be finishing with a Bachelor's in history in December.  My younger son, Ted, just left for a 6 week archeological dig in Peru and will be continuing in the field of either anthropology or archeology (this trip should help him make the decision).  I left St. Josephs hospital where I was a respiratory therapist for 10 years in Dec. 2000 and have returned to school to get my secondary ed certification.  I think I've finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up!  Just a little piece of information that you might enjoy.  
Anna (O'Donnell) Ibrahim

Reese, Don

It's amazing what you can find on the internet! I just did a search for MCHS and look what I found! Well, can you add me to the class of 1972? My name is Don Reece. I still live in Michigan, but now in Metamora. My mother and two brothers (classes of 71 and 74) still live in Mt. Clemens. I have some fond memories on those days in high school, and a few not so fond.......... but I wouldn't trade them for anything! 
I am twice divorced. Just can't figure it out I guess. But I have great children who make me proud. My youngest is just turning 18 this year, So that means a graduation party and off to college! I may have to get a pet to keep me company....
Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to say a few things. Cimarron_44@homail.com or Cimarron44@Prodigy.net

Babich, Mike

Bird, Diane

i have to admit that i do not recognize your name, but then again i don't recognize a lot of names from that time. thank you for your efforts of assembling a list. i do not have any addresses that i can pass your way. if i come accross any, i will send them on. my update is fairly simple. i have taught special education students for 20 years in bad axe, up in the thumb. i really like it here. it is a different way of life, but i have become used to it. i have two boys, 12 and 14. i am a happy divorcee. contact me if you have any further questions. diane bird, class of '73

Brewer, Mark
Mark is Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party. (Guess that means he is not a Rush Limbaugh fan.)

Derr, John

Duerr, Derrick

Geschwind, William

Lewis, Michael K.
Mike played tuba in the band.

Lucas, Thomas

MacArthur, John
So I have two email addresses from the Class of 73. I also have the entire tuba section.

Melcher, Michael

Bayer, Kerry

Beers, Al

Boyd, John
John Boyd class of 1974. Live in Sterling Heights, MI with my wife of 27 years Melanie. Three grown daughters and now 2 granddaughters, Morgan and Madison. Own an Insurance Agency in the area and recently rekindled a high school hobby of playing in a band. The band is called Caribbean Blue and we do the Jimmy Buffett caribbean kind of thing. It is a lot of fun, still can't give up the day job. Check us out at www. caribbeanblueband.com. Still see many from the old days and hope that there is a 30th to see all the others that I barely remember. You see I am suffering from classic case of CRS ( can't remember sh_t ), like many others

I am sure from the class. My personal email is jjboyd@comcast.net John J. Boyd & Associates, Inc. 2167 15 Mile Road Suite 104Sterling Heights, MI 48310 p586-826-3400, f586-826-3410

Ceuninck, Richard

Chandler, Wade
I hung around MC until Anita ( Flood; class of 75 ) graduated then went into the Air Force. Anita and I were married in March of 76. I got out of the service in Nov of 79 and we came back to the MC area where I went to RETS for two years then took a job w/ an electronics company in Atlanta, GA. I stayed with them until June of this year (99) then left to go into real estate. Anita was busy with our two kids; went back to school and became a CPA and has opened her own company. I was disappointed to hear that there would be no 25th reunion for class of 74. Hope there will be one for 30 years and I will see everyone then.

DeCorte, Ron

Metsch, David
I didn't graduate from MCHS. My family moved to Ohio in my junior year.( I still haven't forgiven them for that) I went to Wade Fast Elementary School, and Seminole Junior High School. I lived on Huntington Dr. If you remember me, send me an e-mail.

Okroy, John

Pickens, Melody

Tyll, Mary Beth (Mary Beth Smallen)
Yes I am Damien's cousin. Unfortunately I haven't seen him since high school. Do you know him? or just the name? If you have his email, I would like to get it from you. I'd like to know how he is doing these days. I have been married to Gary for 19 years, and we have one son, Charlie who is 16 yrs. old. I live in Lawrenceville, Georgia. I moved here almost immediately after high school and never left. I am a realtor with REMAX. There are two people, Diane Trulik and Lynn Vale who graduated in 1973 that at that time were good friends. I haven't heard or seen of them since. Do you know anything about them?

Walters, Matt

Austin, Rick

hi doug you don't know me, my name is Rick Austin class of 75. ( i don't think you do)  i've got some pictures posted at classmates you might like to see.  Take care

Beattie, Bill

Brown, Robert
It is with great sadness that I inform readers of this page of the untimely death of Robert Brown on Monday, December 21, 1999. The attached article from the Macomb Daily will provide readers with a summary of this tragedy. Here is the obituary from the Macomb Daily, Sunday December 26, 1999. Here is an article from the Macomb Daily Wednesday, December 29, 1999 describing the funeral.

Cencich, John

Cling, Andy
Dear Mr. Fejer,
Perhaps I used to know you. I found your web site while searching for old
friends from MCHS. Your name rings a bell with me, but my memories are fuzzy and (alas) my yearbooks are long gone. I would have graduated from MCHS in 1975, but my father, an Air Force type, moved to Nevada. I was in the band, orchestra, and was on the tennis team, j.v. In any case, I recognized some of the names on your e-mail list and wouldn't mind if you added mine. Perhaps some old friends will get in contact, if they remember me. I've been searching especially hard for my old pal John Nielson, class of 1974.
Andy Cling
Associate Professor
, Morton Hall 325,Department of Philosophy, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama 35899, (256) 890-6555

Here is my response to Andy's email.
Say it ain't so! Don't remember me? I played trumpet with you in the band. Probably sat right next to you on numerous occasions. Me, and Byron Siegal (74) and perhaps Gil Rowlands (76). I was also on the tennis team. Still have nightmares about Ralph Ballick.
Anyway, I will add your address to my email list.
I suspect John Nielson is the brother of Rick Nielson from my class. Rick later went on to Michigan State. Have not seem him since then.
Kind regards,
Doug Fejer
Ps: I will try to find a photo of me in the band or on the tennis team to send you. I actually remember you quite well.

Flood, Anita
Anita is married to Wade Chandler, Class of 1974. They live in McDonough, Georgia.

Jackson, Sid

Green, Ved
Hit this link to read an obituary of the late Ved Green Vedgreen.html

Labelle, Catherine

Labelle, Linda

Lashley, Karen

Lyon, Diana (Diana Bratton)

O'Donnell, Patty
Anyway an update on the O'Donnell family.  Anna '72 is in Mt. Clemens (Clinton Township. actually)  she works at St Joes.  Has two boys and a husband Jeff. Her oldest son Erik will be married next week.  Mike 74  and Dan 78 have a business in Mt. Clemens.   Professional Furniture Restoration.  Mike has a wife Karen and a little boy, Jake.  Dan married Annette and has three kids.  Ed 80 is divorced with two kids. He works for a furniture company in the Detroit area.  My dad still lives on Moross in the family home.  My mom died in 92.  I am remarried and living in Petersburg just north of Toledo.  I am an elementary school principal and a mother to two lovely step daughters 23 an 25. Have you heard any word on a class of 75 reunion?

I just saw Pat Faughnan last week he has remained a close friend of Dan's.  He is a carpenter/private building contractor.  He recently ran the Boston Marathon.  He has a lovely wife and two children.  It is amazing to see two such wild boys turn into such responsible men.  Both Dan and Pat are great Dad's.  I am surprised in how interested I am in the past...I think it's a true sign of middle age!  Oh yea, last I heard of Maggie was that she was living in Mt. Clemens and working at St. Joes. 

Robinson, Carlos

Wandt, Diane

Hi, Doug!  Just went to your web page, pretty cool!  You may remember me as Diane Wandt,  When we were little kids, you lived on North Avenue and I lived on Gallup.  I graduated from MCHS in 1975 and was good friends with Marie Stepnitz.  My married name is Diane Connell.  I live in Macomb Township, Michigan.

Trombley, Ron

Zielinski, George

I am alive and well, living in the Rochester/Oakland Twp area and working in Troy . John Alwardt (¡¯75) and Wayne Kingsley (¡¯75) are also still around with families. Anybody know about Greg Martinez? My siblings, Theresa (¡¯74), Florence (¡¯76), Thomas (¡¯77), and Patty (¡¯81) are still in the area also. Frank Zielinski (¡¯79) is living in Venice , FL. If anyone has reunion info on the class of ¡¯75, please email me. I would even be willing to help. Take care all.

Cencich, Sheila
I must admit I don't remember much about High School....but I have a great life now. The only person I really kept in contact with is Sheryl Mann. She married Michael Lattany. I was Sheila Cencich back then. The email address on the website is so old....use Shem1958@aol.com Hope your life has been great. 4/23/02

Davis, Richard

I share your fond memories of Mt. Clemens and I tell all my relatives there no matter how long I¡¯m gone every time I come back it still feel like coming home.  I was there for the first time in many years last Dec and I took the time to drive around the city to all the old homes I lived in and all the spots where we used to hang out.  The city has changed quite a bit these last 10 years.  I was surprised.  I retired from the Marine Corps six years ago just shy of 23 years of service and stayed in the Washington DC area.  I work for a consulting company doing financial management and IT acquisition just like I did in the service.  However, I still think of Mt. Clemens and the possibility of going back to where it all began and settling around the family I still have in that area¡­and I think that is a good thing. Doug, I do hope there is a 30-year reunion next year, and if there is, I will certainly make every effort to attend. 

Ezell, Roger

I hope you remember me. My name is Roger Ezell and I graduated class of '76 from MCHS. I joined the Navy, if you recall, a few months after school and got out in '92. I have been living in Tennessee since then. I will have been married 7 years in July to my classy and beautiful wife Sharon whom I met here. We are currently having a new house built and can't wait to move in. We have three children between us. I have two from my first marriage. Jade, our daughter, is 23. At the age of 4 she was diagnosed with borderline autism yet manages to live on her own, pays all her bills, totally takes care of her needs. I know several 20 somethings I work with who still live off mom and dad. Go figure. Our son, Joshua, will be 22 the 17th of this month. He works as a bartender in Knoxville and has a black belt in the Sung Moo Kwan style of Tae Kwon Do. Martial arts gave him great discipline in high school and it was easier to spend $30.00 per month on that rather than baill him out of jail a couple of times like my parents did for me. Our daughter Jennifer (from Sharon's first marriage) is 18 and is, as my wife tells it, one DNA strand away from being a carbon copy of her. Everybody thinks they are sisters. I am employed by Mastercraft Boat Company (you've heard of it I'm sure) and I work in the stockroom. Sharon also works there and is in HR. Not a bad place to work at but it has its challenges as everything else does in life. I also do furniture refinshing on the side and it is as I tell people "a hobby that makes money". I am a published poet (no money in that!) but its a legacy of sorts. I have also done extra work in two movies : "The Work and The Glory" and "The Work and The Glory Pt. 2". Contrary to popular belief, I am still alive and well. The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. People often ask me what my e-mail address means. Bamboo trees bend way over in great winds but don't break. 3787 is March 7, 1987. That's the day I got sober and have been since. Simple, huh? I'm 46 now and still don't show my age. That is if you canconsider a receding hairline and graying at the temples not showing anything.

Roger Ezell Maryville, TN

Fejer, Doug
Yup. That's me. And here is a photo of me posing with my home security system.

Flores, Blanca
I am sure that you don't remember me, but I didn't graduate from Mount Clemens, my father was transferred to Germany and my mother had to move to McAllen, Texas before I graduated. I still wanted to find old friends from MCHS. I lived at the Selfridge Air National Guard Base until January 1974. I did visit Mount Clemens in July 1997, but I wasn't there long enough to find anyone. I know that most of my friends were military brats, so their fathers were probably transferred right after I was. I only have the 1973 year book and I didn't find your picture in it so I don't know what you looked like in HS. I currently live in the Town of Combes, Texas, which is about 1 mile North of Harlingen. I am in my second two year term as a council member and the Mayor Pro-Tem for the Town of Combes. I am currently a Training Coordinator at Texas State Technical College-Harlingen.

Hearn, Wayne
Here is an obituary from the Macomb Daily May 12, 2003

Lick, Kathy 

I doubt if you remember me but we both graduated in 1976. My name at that time was Kathy Lick. I don't know if you knew Wayne Hearn, but I thought you might like to know that he passed away recently. The last time I saw Wayne was in 1976 the week after our 20th class reunion. He had a very rare form of cancer and was getting ready to go through some extreme treatment. he emailed me for awhile but then stopped. For the past 5 years I hadwondered what happened to him and then I got the upsetting news about his death. He was a good friend throughout high school and we kept in touch throughout his tour with the Navy. Unfortunately our lives went in different directions after that. An update on my life. I moved away from Mount Clemens in January of 1985. I worked in the Cosmetic industry for from 1977 till 1998 mostly as an account executive for Revlon and Estee Lauder. I have lived in Cincinnati, Chicago, Indianapolis and then settled in Saint Louis. I stayed single until 1998 when I married my husband Paul. Paul is from Athens Greece. We had our one and only child in May of 1999. His name is Andreas....actually his full name is Andreas Pavlos Gkolfinopoulos. Quite a mouthful for a little guy. Andreas is a special needs child and is the most loving child around. I am attaching a photo of my son. I currently work as an executive assistant at a software firm in Saint Louis and enjoy my job immensely.

krispy kreme 3.JPG (31999 bytes)

Thanks for writing back. I wasn't sure if you would remember me or not....27 years is a long time. You know, I thought you used to play tennis with Ed but I wasn't sure. Ed is married with 3 kids and lives down in Austin. He works for Bank One down there. He and his two sons are really big into Hockey and even went up to Niagra Falls for a tournament last January. Unfortunately I don't get to see Ed and his family much anymore. When I was single (up until 39) I went to Texas about 2 to 3 times a year, but since I've been married and had Andreas, our time is allocated differently. My husband is directly from Greece, so a lot of our vacations have been spent visiting family in Greece. I had to gently break it to my husband and we wouldn't be able to keep that up because frankly it is boring for Andreas and in a year or two he will be more interested in Walt Disney World etc.... My Mom and Dad are still alive and kicking in Mount Clemens. They still live in the same house and frankly I just love going home to visit. Thereare a lot of memories in that house. Most of the neighbors are different now...most have passed on but there is just a comfort being in the same house I grew up in....corny, I know! I don't think you knew my two sisters because they were older. Pam my oldest sister passed away about 4 years ago at 46. Though she was very young, she passed very peacefully in her sleep one night. We don't really know what happened because my Mother was too distraught to have an autopsy done, but she had severe sleep apnea that she would not get help for because her insurance would not cover it. They feel that she simply stopped breathing causing cardiac arrest. She passed about 1 month prior to the birth of our son....I so wished she could have seen him...oh well, I have to hope that she is looking down on him now. My sister Sherri is actually the principle of Macomb school now! She was principle of Seminole for 1 year and then took over Macomb. She seems to like it so more power to her! Lord knows she works hard enough. I really haven't kept in touch with anyone from our class mainly due to moving around but I have found myself wondering about a lot of people. Do you remember Carrie Rollins? I think we kept in touch up until the early 80's and then we drifted apart. She had married but I heard she is now divorced. Judy Wilcox was actually my sister secretary at Seminole so we kept in touch on and off. Like I said in my last email, Wayne and I kept in touch on and off for years up until 1997 when I stopped hearing from him. He had a really nice wife and children when I last saw him and he seemed very happy and content with his life.

McInerney, N

Newton, Charles
Charles also played tuba in the band.
See Charles' website at www.chaz-loves-elma.com

Peters, Julie

Schulte, Karen (Karen Schulte Boudreau)

Although I only went to MCHS in 75-76 I did go to Seminole JR and elementary school with many MCHS alumni.  I was on the swim team and gymnastics team my senior year. I graduated from Central Michigan University in 1980 with a BS in MIS and began working in the IT industry. I married the same year.  I moved to Colorado in 1988 after a divorce. I am currently living in Centennial, Colorado with my husband of 15 years, Andy Boudreau and our two sons, Christopher 12 and Ryan 10. I had been working in the IT industry for 26 years as a programmer/analyst and project manager.  After working on some very intense systems implementations we have decided it is time for me to take a break and get some sanity back in our lives.  So as of January I am no longer working in IT.  I am trying to figure out this full time mom and wife thing. Pretty tricky stuff.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Shy, Frankie

Hi, My name is Frankie Shy and I grew up in Mt.Clemens, Mi.I saw your name on a Web site and was wondering if you have info on people I went to school with. I would have graduated in 1976 but moved away. I went to Lincoln Elem and Washington Jr. If you have info please reply  Do you remember Becky Kandt, she is my cousin, she was in our grade. I live in Reno Nv I'm a waitress , mother of 4 ages 25, 17, 15 and a 5 year old.

Thanks,  Frankie

Smith, Kent

Tyll, Richard  rtyll@home.com or rtyll@hotmail.com

My sister graduated in 1974 as she said in her bio. I unfortunately didn't in 1976, went and took the GED early and traveled this great country of ours for about 12 years. I was a commercial fisherman and would travel from port to port, East coast, West coast, Gulf, wherever the fish were in season. I finally came to a point in my life where I needed a change and went back to school for engineering and have been working as an automotive designer for the past 12 years. I also found a wonderful woman who would change my life forever in the best possible way. We married in 1994 and are currently living in Commerce Township.

Wood, Kim Wood Bildson

I still live in Michigan about an hour North of Mt. Clemens in N.W. Oakland County near Pine Knob (now GTE) with my husband of 24 years and our 3 children, 23, 21, & 19. I don't venture down to The Clem very often, so haven't kept in contact with too many of our former classmates. Thanks for putting together a centralized contact point. (& the pictures are a unique touch! ... Memories...) I was curious if anyone has heard anything about plans for our (gulp!) 30th class reunion next summer?

Zimmer, Mary

Cabral, Jeannine

Drollinger, Mark
I am in CA and have been since 79...graduated from the Univ. of Alabama and have my own "small" environmental engineering and consulting firm....named appropriately enough "Wolverine Environmental" I just couldn't make Crimson Tide Environmental work...no matter how i spelled it. Mark sent in a whole slew of photos for all to see.

Mark sent me the above email prior to my starting this list as he stumbled across my homepage while surfing. He had quite a bit to do with  this little project getting off the ground. Many thanks..

Fore, Michael

Fox, Sue

Geshwind, Arthur

Groh, Chris

King, Tracy King Bennett

I really enjoyed the ¡°1908 Stroll¡±.  I printed most of it to send to my mom and dad (Jim and Jean King). They both graduated from MCHS in the 50¡¯s.  They now live in Florida.  My brother, Brad King, lives in MI.  My sister, Jamie ¡¯76, lives here in Kentucky.  Doug my name is Tracy ¡¯77.  I have a child who loves the band and I hope he will have as many fond memories as it is evident you have.  Our younger brother, Cam, died in 1979.

Vincent, Joseph

Theresa Ann Cirullo Jarratt

I graduated slightly after 1978 but was still included in the ¡¯78 class.  Actually my sister and I both graduated in the same class (not twins).  Wilma Christine Cirullo Werner Haun and myself Theresa Ann Cirullo Jarratt.  Would like to be included in the e-mail listing as I have just recently moved back to Mt. Clemens and purchased a house in the heart of the historical district.  MCHS is getting a facelift right now and is looking up.  The memories are faded from the past but still there and next year the class of ¡¯78 will be going on a cruise to the caribbian whoo hoo that sounds like a great time.

In a subsequent email Theresa told me that she now lives at 51 Lodewyck, just down the street from where I lived at 23 Lodewyck.

Genest, Amy (Amy Genest Friend)
Alive and well in Pennsylvania

Paul Groh

Paul sent these photos and a letter.

Harris, Beverly

My name is Beverly Harris, and I am from the MCHS Class of '78! I am sure you have no idea who I am and I can't say that I know you either, other than the wonderful pictures and information on your family's website. I have recently taken the time to really look at the website you have created for Mt Clemens (High) and I wanted to take the time to commend you for your efforts. Paul Groh had given the organizers of our 25 Year Class Reunion your web address and I have enjoyed viewing its contents. I will make some contacts and see if I can get you some pictures of Mount Clemens and I will definitely keep you posted on the Class of '78 25 Year Reunion plans. We are going on a cruise and welcome anyone that wishes to join us! Sandra Wimbley will scan the information regarding the cruise and any Mt Clemens pictures and post to the site. (You probably don't know her either, but you may remember her parents. Her mother was a hall monitor and her father was a security guard. Her high school days were a bit restricted, huh?) Sandra will also send some pictures from our 20 Year Reunion weekend. We had a ball! Keep up the good work, it is appreciated! Beverly Harris Better known as: Shell Harris

Peters, Rob

Sumpter, Kim
Gosh the memories, I've been remembering since I talked with Mark Drollinger. I stayed in the old Clem til 86. Then i got married to Dave Genaw. A Port Huron Big Red. We have lived in PH since then. I have 3 kids. Haley 11, Shelby 7, and Bradley 6. I'm a stay at home mom and believe me they do keep me busy.

Suprenaut, John
Saw your web site looking for old pals...sign me up! Was also in bandwith you, graduated (thank God!) in 1978.Things have never been thesame...nor have they really changed...go figure. My e-mail is Johnlynn@klondyke.net or supersteelsling@netscape.net.

Zak, Tony
Doug,    My name is Tony Zak. I lived around the corner from you years ago. I found your website when I was looking up some soccer websites. I live in Weatherford, TX. I have 2 daughters that play soccer. My older daughter played last year in Lake Highlands and now plays in Arlington. I have a daughter that will also be a '91. She plays rec in Ft. Worth. She to will take the journey next year into competitive soccer. It sounds like life is treating you well. It is nice to see that there is someone else that knows what a Battling Bather is. My older brother Tom lives in New York City now. He has a production company that is doing quite well. Anyways, it is good to see a familiar name, ( I don't know if you remember me or not). Drop me a e-mail sometime, if not we will probably cross paths on some soccer field.
(I received this email from Tony in Jan 2001. Since then we have run across each other on the soccer field on numerous occasions. This internet stuff is tooo cool.)

Burnell, Theresa (Theresa Burnell Holm)
Since graduating from MCHS in 1979, I got married in 1980, got divorced in 1993. I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1997. Just recently got married in August to a wonderful man that I actually met online. We have been together for 2 years now, and we have 4 teenagers between us, all living with us too. I would really love to connect with people I went to school with.

Horner, Linda

My name is Linda Clinton (maiden name,Horner) I am from the class of 1979, and I wasin band as a freshman. I do remember you, but I'm sure you don't remember me. After graduating from "The Clem" I went on to Central Michigan University, where I graduated in 1983 with a degree in special education and vocal music. In 1985 I joined the East Detroit Public Schools, where I have taught junior high choir (only 1 semester--probably the longest 16 weeks of my life!), elementary music, grades 2-5, and elementary media center. I just accepted a new position as a literacy coach with the district, and I am very excited. I have a Master's degree from Marygrove College, and just finished my Education Specialist in Administration from Wayne State University. Do you remember Mr. Ries, the assistant principal when we were there? He is now Dr. Ries, and was my professor for personnel administration! He went on to become principal of MCHS and personnel director before he retired about 2 years ago. When I walked into class the first night, he said he recognized my face, but could not remember my name. I told him that was OK, since I wasn't his part of the alphabet (we had Dr. Cottingham) and I was never in trouble. He did, however, remember my brother for some of his "antics" while at MCHS. I got married in 1984, and currently live in Chesterfield. My mom still lives in the house on Miller Street, right behind the high school. We have 2 "children" of the 4-legged, canine variety. They are both Pomeranians. One is about 15 years old, and the other is just about 2. Best wishes to you and your family, Linda (Horner) Clinton MCHS 1979 I lived at 99 Miller, across from the Sheufelts between Church and Robertson. Theirs was the big red house (now blue). You may remember Mike Sheufelt '77. Kerri Drollinger was in my class, and Kim was a friend of my sister's (Dawn '81). I also have a brother (Mike '83) who was a state champion wrestler, and my "baby" brother, Eric, graduated in 1986. When were you last here? Uptown has really changed. And although it's sad that some places are gone (Prieh's Kresge's) the renovation has been very nice, and is considered a model for other municipalities trying to revitalize.


Guertin, Thomas and Siewert, Dawn

Please add myself and my wife to your list. My name is Thomas Guertin graduate mt. Clemens high school class 1980. my wife Dawn Siewert also class 1980. Address 74900 Fulton Armada Mi. 48005. I am currently Asst. Pastor Calvary Baptist Church in Armada. Also parts manager Roseville RV Center, chesterfield mi. Dawn works part time as church secretary

Sumeracki, Cathy 

My name is Cathy Sumeracki and I did not graduate from MCHS but transferred in my junior year to L'anse Cruise. Many of these names look fa,iliar to me so I thought I would add my own. All of my siblings (Bernie Sumeracki, Paul Sumeracki and Mark Sumeracki) attended and graduated from MCHS. Who would have ever thought I'd respond to my high school alumni- I distinctly remember those days in adolescence trapped as the chubby chick who never made it to prom.  But life so far has been a great adventure and college was just the start of an upward swing in a myriad of changes. I live in AZ now, (9 states later I decided to settle in one);  I recently left a long term career in corporate America to start a new career in speaking and writing.  My website is http://www.lessonsinpigfarming.com

Zielinski, Frank

My name is Frank Zielinski.  I graduated in 1980.  I played soccer, and baseball. I used to hang around with Keith Sharrow ('81), John Owen ('80) (now deceased), John Fitzgerald('81), John Stephenson ('81), Mike White ('80), Ray Pacek ('81) and others.  We were kind of our own RatPack.  I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters that all graduated from MCHS.  My sister Patty graduated in 1982 and she is the only one that is younger than I am.
When I was a junior a bunch of us (Robert Wolf, Robert Sawyer, Andy Sheufelt, Mike Howard, and others) got together and formed a "soccer club". We would come to MCHS and play soccer.  Well we finally got the school to buy in to it and in my senior year we had our very first Boys Soccer Team.  I can always say that "I scored the first goal in MCHS boys soccer history".
I went into the USAF and got stationed in Denver Colorado, Okinawa Japan and Austin,Texas.  I worked in electronics.  I got married in Okinawa (American girl also in USAF) and had 2 daughters.  They are now 17 and 15.
In Nov 2003 I moved from the Detroit area to Venice Florida on the wonderful SW gulf coast.  Got hammered by hurricane Charley but made it thru ok. 
This website is great.  I was looking in here and found that Rich Stancavage was looking for me.  Come to find out that he too is in FL.  Small world.  We are gonna' try to get together some time.
Here is a pic of me taken in Feb 2004. with my current wife, Marianne.  She is the love of my life and means the world to me.

I'm 43 and feel great!.jpg (46906 bytes)


Allen, Sheila

Not quite sure how I got on your website! I graduated from MCHS in 1981. My Mom graduated from there in 1962, my father in 1961. I guess I was just interested to know what year you graduated and if you knew them or not. My Dad is David Allen, my Mother was JoAnn Webb. I too live in Texas, just outside of Dallas, Grapevine. Well, if you have the time then write and let me know. Thanks.

Julie Groh

Hodges, Kevin
My name is Kevin L. Hodges. I graduated with the class of 82. After school, I joined the navy and saw the world. I trained as an Airframe mechanic. In 1986, when I was honorably discharged, I went to work in the auto supplier industry as a pipefitter. I currently work for Ford Motor Company, at the Vandyke PLant in Skilled Trades, as a Hydraulic Repairman. I am married with 2 little girls, ages 5 and 2. I live in Chesterfield Township. If anyone wishes to contact me, please do so via e-mail,[khodges@peoplepc.com]. I would also be interested in being contacted about any alumni information, or class reunions. I haven't heard from anyone since graduation. I think this is a good idea, and I hope people read it.  (01/08/01)



Hodges, Kevin L.
My name is Kevin L. Hodges. I graduated with the class of 82. After school, I joined the navy and saw the world. I trained as an Airframe mechanic. In 1986, when I was honorably discharged, I went to work in the auto supplier industry as a pipefitter. I currently work for Ford Motor Company, at the Vandyke PLant in Skilled Trades, as a Hydraulic Repairman. I am married with 2 little girls, ages 5 and 2. I live in Chesterfield Township. If anyone wishes to contact me, please do so via e-mail,[khodges@peoplepc.com]. I would also be interested in being contacted about any alumni information, or class reunions. I haven't heard from anyone since graduation. I think this is a good idea, and I hope people read it.

Richard Z. Stancavage
My name is Richard Z. Stancavage, I was in the class of 1982, moved to Ga in 80. joined the navy , got married , got divorced in Jacksonville Fla. and am living near Macon Ga. and am a Internet Engineer, WAN Management.
thanx for the page great idea,
P.S. I am trying to locate Frank Zilinski or Keith Sharrow also from Mt. Clemens High, class of 81 i think. please mail me at stancavage@yahoo.com

Derr, Gregory


Marco Williams



Kalligeros, George    Also:  George Kalligeros [gakall@comcast.net]

Last summer, those of us living near Seminole School watched it being demolished while a new school was being built right behind it. During the past decade, Seminole was a K-5 school. Just before school ended last spring, the teachers allowed the children to plaster the walls of the condemned school with their thoughts about their school which was about to be gone for ever. The messages were from very funny to very moving. It was an emotional experience for parents, too, since many of them, including our own children attended Old Seminole. Our granddaughter Jenna (now 1st Grade) and grandson Nicholas (now 4th Grade) were among the the last to attend the old school.

Demolition started the day after school out last June. The new school had been under construction in the back from a year earlier. I took many trips to record the different stages of demolition, and then the last stages of the new construction. It is the best designed school in the district. The main designer was the former Carol Demick (I forgot her present name) who is now working for the Yamasaki architectural firm. Yamasaki designed the World Trade Center in the early 70's. Unfortunately they could not have anticipated what happened in 2001.

Most of the pictures I took are at:


It is a slide show with 35 slides.

Sandie (Rowles) Waddell
I'm retired now and living in Lakeland Florida.  I went on medical disability in 1985 and was unable to return to teaching.  As some of you may remember I fell in the parking lot at school and broke both of knees.  After my second surgery in 1985 the school said I couldn't return to work so I stayed on disability.  I sued the school to return to work but I lost and finally in 1997 I retired.
Jim and I moved to Florida in 1987 and have been living here ever since.  We do have an addition to our family.  She is now eight years old and her name is Bella Carmella.  She is a Lhasa Apso and if I do say so the cutest little pup you've ever seen.
I started teaching at Mount Clemens High three weeks before I officially graduated from Eastern.  It was truly a learning experience for me.  I don't miss the politics of teaching but I sure miss you kids.  I want to thank all of my students for keeping me going and keeping me young.  You taught me more than I ever taught you!
I'd love to hear from any of you.  You can reach me at: bellacarmella@aol.com.
Sandie (Rowles) Waddell


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