Summer 2003 Trip to Orlando   
Wednesday June 04, 2003 @ Universal Studios 

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We got a lot of rain on Wednesday at Universal. We spent a lot of time in the restaurant during lunch time. So, not many photographs today.

I had the flash settings on my camera set incorrectly for this shot.
06-06-03-006.JPG (139650 bytes)

06-06-03-009.JPG (135034 bytes)  

Just lovely.
06-06-03-016.JPG (124654 bytes)

06-06-03-017.JPG (121587 bytes) 

Hmm. Dagny looks to be a little close here.
06-06-03-020.JPG (131251 bytes)

06-06-03-025.JPG (119092 bytes) 06-06-03-026.JPG (123669 bytes) 

I'm sure Dagny's shot is a prize winner. (Like I said, it was raining. There was not much to take photos of.)
06-06-03-031.JPG (147123 bytes)

06-06-03-033.JPG (141994 bytes) 06-06-03-034.JPG (140316 bytes)
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