Summer 2003 Trip to Orlando   
Friday June 06, 2003 @ Islands of Adventure 

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Since we splurged and bought season passes to the Universal parks we went back to Islands of Adventure on Friday. Yes, we only spent 4 days in Orlando, but it was plenty. (Recall that we earlier spent two days in Houston at a soccer tournament. We were spent.
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The real beauty of a digital camera was I took about 50 shots waiting for their car to exit this ride.
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Zach was not the only one who was tired.
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We left Orlando around 6.00 am Saturday morning. We arrived in Dallas at about 2:00 am on Sunday morning. We did not intend to drive all the way through. It was just that we started to look for a hotel around Shreveport and all of the hotels were full. I bet we spent over an hour looking for hotels.
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