Summer 2003 Trip to Orlando   
Thursday June 05, 2003 @ MGM Studios 

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So, on Thursday we went to MGM Studios. The park was pretty crowded. Also, our Universal hotel fast passes don't work at the Disney parks so the kids actually had to wait in line to do rides.

And, this is the mother of all rental vehicles. Wouldn't want to own one, but a great car to take to a soccer tournament and then on to Orlando.
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Now, I have taken this same photo every time we have been to Orlando. The kids were so much nicer to be around when they were younger. (Is it just me, or are kids just not as much fun as they get older.)
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One of the highlights of the trip was Jordyn made it as a contestant on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." (I was not allowed to take photos - YUCK!)
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Later that night Jordyn, Lesia and Zach participated in Karaoke night at the hotel. (Me thinks they were the stars of the night.)
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This was actually the highlight of the trip for me. It was so much fun.

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