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The Games

Winter/Spring 2001

01-11-01 v All Stars

Fall II 2000
12-17-00 v Rockets

12-03-00 v Diadora

11-12-00 v Rockets

11-05-00 v Force 91

Fall I 2000
10-26-00 v Diadora

10-06-00 v Cyclones

10-01-00 v Celtics

Summer I1 2000
09-24-00 Championship Game v Dynamite

09-23-00 Championship Game v Force 91-Boys

09-17-00vMcKinney Angels


Summer 1 2000
06-18-00 v Force 91
06-18-00 v Plano USA
06-03-00 v Kickers FC
05-21-00 v Shooting Stars
05-20-00  v Cyclones

Spring 2000
May 14, 2000

April 30, 2000
April 16, 2000
March 26, 2000
March 19, 2000

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Samba 91-White poses following their championship in the Soccer Spectrum boys' division. 

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Now for some real action. 
Coach Anatoliy Dmitriakov demonstrates that he is also quite accomplished at the fine art of disco dancing. (These lessons are actually much more expensive.) The photo also demonstrates just how impressed Queen Soccer Mom Lisa is with the performance.
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Click on the underlined dates to see the photos.
(If the date is NOT underlined, it means I don't have the photos back yet.)

Fall II 2000
For this season the girls are only playing in the boy U-10 division.
December 17, 2000
Lost to the Rockets 5-3. Were trailing 5-1 at the half but came back in the second half to finish strong.

December 03, 2000
Lost to Diadora approximately 9-2. The girls were actually ahead 2-1 but just ran out of gas as they only had one sub against a tough team.

November 12, 2000
Lost to the team formerly known as the Mesquite Rockets 3-0.

November 5, 2000
Samba started the new season by defeating Force 91 (boys) 3-2.

Fall I 2000
The girls are  playing in the and Boys under 10
October 26, 2000 v Diadora
Diadora avenged their earlier loss to Samba approximately 7-3 in the championship game of the abbreviated Fall I session..

October 15, 2000 v. Diadora
Samba jumped to a 4-1 lead and then hung on to win 6-4. Doug forgot to bring film so no photos this week.

October 6, 2000 v. Cyclones
Defeated the Cyclones somewhat decisively.

October 1, 2000 v. Celtics
Won the first game of the new season.

Summer II 2000
The girls are once again playing Girls under 10 and Boys under 9
September 24, 2000 v. Dynamite
Defeated Dynamite 7-1 to win the girls under 10 division.

September 23, 2000 v Force 91-Boys
Defeated Force 90 1-0 to win the boys division.

September 16, 2000 v McKinney Angels
I have no recollection of what happened in this game.

September 16, 2000 v Cyclones
Beat the Cyclones 7-1. Grace had 4 goals and Lesia had three.

August 12, 2000 
The girls scored many goals against the Flame (boys league.)

August 2, 2000 
The girls were down against the Storm 91 boys 1-0 and things were not looking good. Then Kellye took the field in the second half and Samba prevailed 4-1. Old Doug here was mighty impressed. Had my camera gear at the game, but only one roll of film. I think I am having temporary brain problems. (I hope it is temporary.)

Summer I 2000
For Summer I the team is playing in both under-10 girls and under-9 boys at Soccer Spectrum.

July 29, 2000
In perhaps the most thrilling sporting event I have ever witnessed, Samba defeated the Allen Stars 3-2 in overtime for the Summer I championship. About 2 minutes into the 4 minute overtime period the Stars goalie hit the ceiling with a kick. This set up a free kick by Lesia on the Stars' side of the field. Lesia put the free kick about 4-6 inches below the top bar on the right side for the winning goal. The goalie almost had it in what would have been a great save. Hats off to the Allen Stars who played an awesome game. (Sorry, no photos.)

June 24, 2000 v. Force 91 (Boys League)
Samba lost. It was a long time ago so I don't remember the score.

June 18, 2000 v. Plano USA
Samba-White wins 3-1

June 3, 2000 v Kickers F.C. (boys league)
Lost a very close game 3-2.

May 21, 2000 v Shooting Stars
Samba-White scored many goals.

May 20, 2000 v Cyclones (boys league)
Won the game 5-2. Lesia made the first goal of the game on a penalty kick. Paige quickly followed up with another goal, and Kellye ended the first half with another goal off of a penalty kick. The first goal of the second half was actually scored by either one of their teammates or their goalie (uh-oh!). Kellye sliced one in next, assisted by both Logan and Grace, and Paige made the final goal of the game off a super pass from Kellye with Molly assisting. The player of the day was Kellye who covered the entire middle from their goal to ours and stopped every attempt they made to get by. Way to play Kellye!

Spring 2000
May 14, 2000
Lost to Samba-Blue.

April 30, 2000
These were simply fun photos. Samba had a scrimmage at Soccer Spectrum so I took photos of the bench instead of the action on the field.

April 16, 2000 (Soccer Spectrum)
Defeated Finish 90 4-1.

March 26, 2000
Defeated Enigma 4-2. I have only been around this team for a little while so I can't tell you who scored the goals. (But my daughter sure is cute, isn't she???) I do know that the goals were scored by little girls with pony tails.

March 19, 2000 v All Stars
Samba defeated the All-Stars 7-0.

March 19, 2000 - Samba-Blue
Took a few photos of this game while waiting for the White game to start.

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