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91 Girls Roster (2004-05)

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2005 Spring Classic

91 Girls Dinner at The Abby  2005-03-26

91 Girls v Express (Houston)  2005-03-25

91 Girls v D. Texans Red  2005-03-25

2005 Spring Plano

91 Girls v Tejanos Back 2005-04-02

91 Girls v Triumph  2005-03-19

91 Girls v Tejanos Blue  2005-03-12

91 Girls v WF Express  2005-03-05

91 Girls v Aces  2005-02-13

91 Girls v East Texas United  2005-02-12

2004 Fall Plano

91 Girls v Tejanos  2004-10-23

91 Boys Academy v Inter  2004-10-03

91 Boys Academy v X-Treme  2004-10-03

91 Girls v Thunder  2004-10-02

91 Girls v InterWhite  2004-09-25

91 Girls v Saints  2004-09-18

91 Girls v East Texas United  2004-09-11


2004 Plano Labor Day
91 Girls v Texans White  2004-09-05

91 Girls v Challenge Blitz 2004-09-05

87 Boys  v Texans West 2004-09-04

91 Girls v Amarillo 2004-09-04

91 Girls v Austin Capitals 2004-09-04

2004 Plano Qualifier
91 Girls v Thunder 2004-8-15

2004 LHGCL Qualifier

91 Girls v Spurs 2004-8-08

91 Girls v East Texas  2004-8-08

91 Girls v D'Feeters  2004-8-04

91 Girls v Triumph  2004-8-01

2004 Puma Cup

91 Girls v Spurs 2004-07-24

91 Girls v Waco United 2004-07-24

91 Girls v Tejanos 2004-07-23

2004 King Tut Tournament
91 Girls v Andromeda 2004-07-18

91 Girls v Comets 2004-07-17

91 Girls v East Texas United  2004-07-17

91 Girls v Soccer America 2004-07-16

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2005-04-02-0078.jpg (73501 bytes)

Greetings from Plano!!!!!!!
2004-09-11-180.jpg (56225 bytes)
So, as this player was coming off the field holding her face I told her that I would put her on the cover of the Longhorns photo page if she showed me some blood. I was not expecting the million dollar smile to come with it. Mom and dad were not at the game as they were in College Station watching her older brother play football. He is a lineman for the Agies. Guess toughness runs in the family. What a neat kid.

2004-09-04-057.jpg (94144 bytes)

Whitney - Get well Quickly!!!!!!!
2004-08-01-056.jpg (137980 bytes)
Whitney broke her thumb in our qualifier game against Triumph. She will have surgery on Wednesday to have pins inserted in her hand to have the injury heal properly. She will be out for 4-6 weeks. Best wishes, Whitney. Get well soon. We will miss you on the field.

Greetings from Anatoliy-land*
2004-07-24-148.jpg (120395 bytes)
* Well, it's sorta like Disneyland. Perhaps a little more .......

2004-07-16-099.jpg (91596 bytes)
After spending 3 years as a defender, Courtney makes the move to forward and scores three goals in her first game as a Longhorn. (We'll expect 4 next game.)

(Ok, so it is an old photo. Who is the little girl in the middle? Or the gal on the right?)